March 13th, 2011

Disney: L&S Dance with me

Running in circles....

Let's babies yet, but Inara's ligs are GONE. I'm hoping she doesn't pop tomorrow - I am going in, all day. The children are at Granny's for Spring Break, and in a gesture of goodwill I offered to go in to help coworker start the tax returns. She's getting NOTHING done.....:sigh:

We got the Astronomy's nice, but a little young for my 2. Still, we'll use it - it's a good overview. Not sure how they'll like notebooking it, but.....they'll get over it. :grin:

While at SG's work today (he had to reboot servers, and couldn't access them from home) he printed off the Astronomy and Botany notebooks for me. Himself doesn't want to do Botany, and I don't think it's necessary for what he wants to do, so I won't push it. Still, I have a copy of the notebook for him - just in case. He's chomping at the bit to start Astronomy, though - and Herself even volunteered to do it *after she gets home from school*. Himself agreed - "we can wait for her, and do it together. Then we can start using the telescope, right?" :lol:

Anyway, after we left SG's office, we hit Half Price...I *really* need to stay away from there. I found a nice Government book, and a new-ish one on American History. Books don't spoil (that's my new motto!), so I nabbed them and put them with the Physics, Physical Science, and other "not quite ready to use yet" texts. I need a new bookshelf...I'm running out of room!

SG rented a dumpster, so we're going to start emptying out the garage. Then, we're going to paint the floor, set up the worktable for experiments, and move my loom out there. Eventually. We want the dining room to be reclaimed as a dining room, the kitchen nook reclaimed as a breakfast area, and the garage to be the "craft" room - looms, science lab, chemistry lab; that sort of thing. Long-term plans are to replace the garage door with a wall - mostly windows, with a door. We'll have to run ductwork, but that's minor - the garage already has been taped, bedded, and textured. Just needs paint and flooring, and voila - a large room!

I'm planning on spending time this week setting up the lesson plans and basically getting ready to rock'n'roll. We need to have a routine in place before Herself joins us - she thrives on routine. Right now, Himself and I are sort of winging works for him, but won't work for her.

Gotta go milk!