March 15th, 2011

Disney: Jessica Rabbit

Same ol', same ol'....

At work again. Kinda glad I offered - coworker's off with Ms boss, who is having heart palpations or something. *I* figure, it's's a way for her to cut me out completely without guilt. We'll see.....odd that she was fine until yesterday, when I came in....and it hit after she went home for lunch (after coworker told her I was willing to come in today to help with the return.) Paranoid? Maybe...but I'm going off of her track record, here. :shrug: Since coworker's not here, I'm just sitting, answering the phone. Already finished my list of stuff to do, and I can't do the return by myself. :shrug:

As further proof this job is stressful, I haven't slept in 2 days. Last week, I slept like a baby. Stress? You tell me.....

Inara has dropped - Sunday, I couldn't squeeze past her to clip Mocha to the stand. This morning, my leg fit between her and the, we're close. Don't think it'll be today, but maybe. I've asked that she wait until we're home. :grin:

Spent last night working out a lesson plan for next week. We'll see how it works - I have time to tweak things before Herself joins us. I need to get Math on there...once I have it down, I'll transfer the actual info to the "Assignment Sheet" that will go in front of his notebook - that way, he knows what has to be done each day, and can work on it without me, if need be.

I also dug out my "Sight Reading for Beginning Violin" book.....I don't like all the new-fangled books that they have out right now. I'll stick to the "old school" stuff - Mueller-Roush, etc, that *I* learned with. They're proven, they work, and they are mastery-based. They don't emphasize sight-reading at first (which makes sense with violin - you've got too many other things to concentrate on - holding the instrument, finding the right string, controlling the bow (Lesson 7, although I started them right away noodling around with it. Better learn sooner rather than later how to control 3' of stick!), so I'm going to work on that separately. Somewhere I have a Music Theory book I'll add in.....a little later. Want to get him/them comfortable with the instrument first. :nods:

Found a source for ink on eBay....I went thru a box of ink in less than 2 weeks. At $70/pop at Wallyworld...that ain't gonna work. I paid $30 on eBay for *2* sets...supposedly compatable. We'll see - I hope so. I *need* a printer! Can't really switch to laser (although I'd LOVE to!) - I need the copier function, too. :sigh: I love my Epson...but the ink is OUTRAGEOUS. (It's a photo-printer, is why. SG bought it....without figuring in ink cost. We won't discuss his "real" photo printer....the ink is...well, more than we spent on the Epson! :blink: Ah, well....his hobby is photography, so I understand it....)

Off to look for a glass-jar butter churn. Our pottery one is great, but too large (right now) for our output. Need something smaller so we can produce our own butter!