March 21st, 2011

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Back in the Saddle....

I am amazed. Seriously - I KNEW Himself was smart...but......OK. He's been at the Grands for a week. NO school, no study - just a week of being a kid with no responsibilities other than picking up toys so Granny doesn't fall. Right?

Today was a "review" day - I wanted to make sure he was back up to speed on where we left off. We started at 7:30.....and at *9 AM* we were DONE for the day. And I mean - Done.

History: He remembered ALL the vocabulary words, he remembered what he had read, and he even remembered some of the picky little details. *I* didn't remember all the vocab words!

Grammar: First time I've done grammar with him. Started "easy" - Nouns. Got the eyeroll. :lol: "Are you gonna force me to watch "Schoolhouse Rocks" now?", but that's a good idea! :snicker: Told him I needed a list of 20 nouns...and BAM - he's done. Allrighty, then.

Math: Yesterday I had him go thru both Singapore Math 5 books. 5A was immediately set aside - "According to the Table of Contents, I've already DONE all that!". OK.....5B was skimmed....he paused at the section on figuring out angles. "I...think I've done this, but I'm not sure." Cool - we'll start *there*.

3 worksheets. Granted, only 4 problems on each sheet, but they were compound problems - the goal was to find the "missing" angles. We went over how the angles of a triangle always add up to 180*....and he gleefully skipped ahead and filled in the sheet. We went over how a right triangle has 1 angle of 90*, so the other 2 "-have to add to 90*, got it!" and filled in THAT sheet. We went over how to find an outside angle - that one took a minute, but BAM - he "got it" and got it done. :whew:

I......I am amazed. I mean - yes, this is basic stuff TO ME, but he said he hadn't done this before. I believe him, because he didn't really believe that a triangle's angles always add to 180* - we did the activity that "proved" it (cut apart a triangle with marked angles and put the 3 angles together - they make a straight line/marked part is a half circle. Easy concept - hard for me to write it out; pictures are worth 1,000 words in this case!)

I had figured History and Math would take a while....nope. We've got 10 more units in SM 5B.......I've got Math scheduled every day. At this rate, we'll be starting 6A in 2 weeks......and we might just be ready for Algebra at the start of summer/new school year. Watching his brain work's amazing.

SM has reviews periodically - I've told him we DO the reviews, every problem. He was cool with that - he *likes* math, if he understands the concepts. I think I'm dealing with a photographic memory (I have one, so...) because of the History......he *quoted* the book on the vocab meanings. And he hasn't seen the book in a week.......and I'm pretty sure he didn't do a quick review when I ran Herself to school - I asked a few questions that he hadn't already answered in his daily work, and he nailed those answers, too.

This is going to get interesting.....(I even threw in a Purim worksheet and map.....the top part you copied in Hebrew, the bottom was *supposed* to be in English. Nope - he wrote it out in Hebrew freehand. Then marked up the map as to the Persian Empire, how the Jews might have traveled from Jerusalem to Shushan, etc. And STILL got done early!)

And STILL NO BABIES. :grrrrr: I thought we'd have Irish babies, then maybe Purim babies - full moon babies, even! - but NO. I'm a nervous wreck first First Freshener that we bottle-fed. She's driving me nuts......(I know, short trip!)