March 22nd, 2011

Disney: L&S Stitch bonking head

Blah de blah de blah....

Inara STILL hasn't popped. I'm beginning to think the preg test was wrong, and she's just FAT. Except for the small udder she's got going.....she is starting to look uncomfortable now, and she keeps wandering off by herself - both of which are good signs things are moving. I informed her this AM that only working girls get fed separate (well, except for Zoe, who's being fed with the workers right now because she is SKINNY.) and I'll boot her back in the pen if she doesn't pay up with 2 or 3 (or 4?) kids....SOON. :grin:

We're calibrating the temp on the incubator right now. Sunday we ran to TSC to buy chicks....and they were out. We *could* have ordered some - yesterday - but, instead, I hit the 'net. TSC wanted $2.99 EACH for pullets.....I went to Cackle Hatchery and paid $1.99 each. TSC had a minimum of 25.....Cackle had a minimum of 15. We ended up ordering 20....some more Ameracunas, some Buff Orps, and some Black Australorps.

Then, I hit eBay looking for hatching eggs. Ended up at Gabbard Farms - last year, they put up auctions of eggs from BLUE hens. Yup - BLUE. We ordered 2 doz from them - a mix of Blue Orps, Blue-laced Wyandottes, and others. Not sure *what* we'll get, but hey - BLUE chickens! I can always go back and order some Blue-laced Wyandotte eggs from them if we don't luck out. She mailed them today.....hence the calibration of the incubator. :grin: At Himself's request, we're going to use it as a Science Experiment. :nods:

Got into a huge fight with SG last night - our first "real" fight. His fault - and he admitted it! - he made the statement that no one else in this house cares about cleanliness. He'd been itching for a fight since Sunday, so I let him have it. :sigh: Don't make absolute statements - they're almost never true. I think he got it out of his system...and he did apologize.

Got ink in yesterday - my printer is an Epson photo printer. The ink is $70 at Wally World. I ran thru the last batch in 2 weeks.....and we can't afford that! So, I hit eBay. Generic ink....*4* sets...$30 (or wasn't even HALF retail for 1!). The ink works great - so I'll be stocking up. I'd much rather pay $30 every 2 months/3 months/whatever instead of $70/month!

Himself bought Herself a Pokemon game for her birthday - and it came in yesterday. I'm all teary - he spent HIS money on his sister! :ahhhhhhh: He's growing up....and that's good.