March 24th, 2011

Dr. Horrible: Hammer Tingling

More blahs....

Let's see......Science took over an hour today - he had to fill out a "Scientist" sheet, and do the Module review. Tomorrow's the test. Mom came over, so we did Violin next, then Math (pretty quick - drawing rhombuses and finding the angles on them) then Hebrew. Lab today was the first in the Physics Workshop kit - dropping potatoes onto a matchstick to see how gravity works. (Fun stuff! :lol:)

Got our 2 dozen hatching eggs in. We have:

4 Blue Laced Red Wyandotte
2 Blue Birchen Marans
4 Blue Copper Marans
4 Blue Andalusian
7 Blue Hamburg
1 Blue Sumatra
2 Blue Ameraucana

I HOPE they all hatch - especially the Blue Laced Red Wyandottes! We set them, adjusted the turner, and now we wait. 21 days........hope it's not as tedious as watching Inara!

Who, by the way, LOOKS closer. She was standing by the fence earlier...and her sides were.....caved in? I don't know how to explain it...her hip bones were standing out from the rest of her body. I'm hoping this means we're almost at D-day! (Please.......)

Not much else going on.....