March 25th, 2011

pets: Calvin

Houston, we have a

goat! Inara decided to pop yesterday - she went into labor about 3:30. It was NOT normal - no goo until the hoof presented, majorly hard contractions....I freaked, but helped deliver a 9.5 pound, coal black except for a white stripe on the belly, absolutely perfect...

Buckling. :damnit!:

Singleton, perfect in every way, except for the dangly-bits. :sigh: I REALLY wanted a doeling, too.......

Zaphod is up for sale. I'll have pictures later - SG brought some work home for me, so I'm trying to knock it out now. Inara and Zaphod are fine - she gave me 18 oz of colostrum this AM, and 20 oz last night (and that's just what I was able to milk out - she was leaking all over the floor. Poor baby!)

Gotta run- got checks to write up!
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