March 27th, 2011

Calvin: Toilet

Still alive....

Let's was 91* yesterday; today it's 56*. :brrrrr: Junior/Zaphod is safely ensconced in our bathroom - as a result, I'm not sleeping. It's hard to sleep with the pitter-patter of little hooves learning to tap-dance and jump! :lol: He's a cutie, though....I need to get pictures. I have some - but they're of the wet-with-slime variety. :sigh:

Yesterday, SG spent part of his bonus on a mini-Mac for the kids. We are now a Mac PCs for us! :lol: We're using one of my old PC monitors with it - Apple wanted $1000 for a 27", and that's the smallest they had. :blink: Sorry, but NO. The 15" we had is OK. :nods:

Inara's doing well. Up to a little over 4 pounds of milk a day right now...and still increasing. She's an easy milker, too - a blessing! If I could only get her to jump up on the stand.....(I seem to remember Annie and Inara being stubborn about that, too....I just don't remember the stiff knee part of it! :lol:)

Tomorrow is contract-day. :sigh: Both kids will be home....I plan on leaving early so I can get home early. :blah:

Eggs look good....we'll see how they are *really* doing in a few days. Got our candler yesterday....gotta wait until the 10th to use it, though (10th day, not 4/10). :fingers crossed: they're all all right.