March 31st, 2011

Firefly: OMG Yeah!


OK, this is ALL Anna's fault. Seriously - it's ALL because of her that I found these links. :nods: I honestly wouldn't have gone searching - wait, let me back up a bit.

A while back, Anna posted about their History lesson. They had learned about Sargon, an ancient Akkadian ruler that sounded suspiciously like Moses. I made a mental note : Sargon, add if our book doesn't mention him : and went on.

Well, our book *did* mention him. Anna had linked to a paper model of a ziggurat; I had saved it for when we got to that point so Himself would have something to do. He LOVED it; this was a win/win - he got into the History lesson and actually *retained* it, because he made a model.

So....I read ahead, and decided to find a paper model of a pyramid. Building one out of sugar just won't work in our house - if the (damn) mice don't come out, the dogs will destroy it. So...pyramids are pretty easy, right? We *could* do an origami one...but Himself mentioned that he'd like a more...."authentic" one. All righty, then...the search was on! thing led to another, and another, and another (you've been there, right?)..and I ended up at...well, This site. The MOTHER-LODE of paper models. TONS of links, to all sorts of time-frames.....

3 hours later, I had downloaded 4 of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World, a bunch of castles from various regions and styles, the Wright Brothers' flyer, a paddle-wheel steamer, St. Basil's Cathedral in Russia...and a bunch of other stuff. I *even* found the Great Pyramid! (AND the Sphinx...wait, that makes 5 of the 7!)

The funny thing is, I started out here. I don't remember my search term..but this was one of the first links. How I got to the above, I don't know. :lol: (You don't have to download any software; if you go to the "Build" link, you can print out/save each part on your harddrive and go from there.)

Anyway, I was sitting at the desk, making little "ooooh!" and "ahhhhh!" sounds (I found King Ludwig's Neuschwanstein Castle - one of my absolute FAVORITE castles. It's GORGEOUS!), so Himself came over to see what the deal was. I had just found Canon's (yes, THAT Canon!) Paper Craft site....and it turned his crank so hard it wasn't even funny.

"MOM! That is SO COOL! What is it for? Wait - what's that? Oh - we're doing these for History? Can we do History EVERY DAY? This is - wait, click on that - OHHHHHHHH! That's - can we do that one, please? Will we be studying - what's THAT? Oh! I want that! And..." :snicker:

I'm glad I have a 500G hard drive dedicated to Homeschooling, because I spent another 2 hours last night downloading more. Herself wasn't interested, until she saw the Animal section. (Zoology, anyone?)

I need to take a look at what I have, and see what else I "need" for History lessons. Why not - Himself is currently building Ludwig's castle, and he's having a blast. He LOVED the ziggurat yesterday (even if the model didn't go together quite like the instructions said....and we had to reprint 1 page because you needed 2 copies of 1 part. Why they didn't just include it, I don't know....waste of paper and ink, in my opinion.)

And yes - I do lay the blame (or credit! :lol:) entirely at Anna's feet. I wouldn't have started looking for paper models if she hadn't linked that ziggurat. I didn't realize Himself would enjoy this type of

Now I need to order yet more ink. I foresee a LOT of printing in my future. :lol: (Be aware that you ARE going to get sucked in if you click any of these links. You WILL lose a lot of be prepared!)