April 1st, 2011

GQ: Computer says No

Nothing much to see here....

Had to put out some fires at work this AM...co-worker didn't get much sleep and is having a blonde-day. It's no fun, trying to troubleshoot a program over the phone! :lol:

Tomorrow will be spent at the Fair - ALL Day. :sigh: Have to have Herself there by 10, to set up the Auction, then back again at 2 to get herself ready for the auction, which starts at 2:30. And we have no idea how long it'll be before her picture goes on the block. I have a sweater in progress, so I'm good.....

Going to lunch today with the hubster. This'll be fun!

Need to upgrade the kids bicycles....the local CraigsList has some...but I can get brand new ones at Wally-world for just a few $$ more (No, seriously - $65 for used, or $70 for new. Um.....) We're going to hit the local thrift store today to see if they have anything.....I just can't pay almost-new prices for used stuff. :sigh:

Get to candle the eggs tomorrow....at some point. We might do it tonight, just to get it done. Hopefully, all the eggs are fertile. :fingers crossed:
Firefly: Karaoke

2 posts! Wow!

Just wanted to make a note for my records: The meat market here in town is cheaper than the one we've been going to. Not quite as wide a selection, but better cuts of meat - the Rib Eyes were cut Right.In.Front.of.Us. :drools:

Also.....Borders is going out of business. SG took us by there today at lunch....BIG mistake. (Hey - I have admitted I am a book slut. LOVE books. The smell, the heft, the feel.......LOVE them.) Everything - EVERYTHING - was 50%, plus our 10% from our membership card. I got me some lovely books! (MINE. Not for the kids - for ME. :snuggles:)

And.....SG bought me a Kobo e-reader. It was $50.....and it will display .pdfs. Of which I have a TON from Homeschool Freebie of the Day.....so....yeah. I didn't really want an e-reader (I love the smell of the paper and ink. I love the soft *thunk* as you shut the book when you finish it. I LOVE sinking into a deep bubble bath to devour the latest...can't do that with an e-reader)....but at $50 I was easily convinced. We'll see...it's worth $50, as it comes with 100 novels pre-loaded ("Pride and Prejudice" is one of them.) If nothing else, we can read the freebies I have already downloaded - on the Mac, it's clunky. You have to keep scrolling. We'll see how the e-reader works.)

Gotta go clear the table, milk the goats, and get the Sabbath dinner started. Rib-eyes and smashed 'taters....:mmmmmmmm:
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