April 3rd, 2011

Calvin: Happy Dance


I do have photos...I will try to upload them tonight or tomorrow...but that's....that...doesn't matter. What matters is that we spent all day yesterday at the Fair Grounds.

We had to have Herself up there by 10, to sign in and volunteer. Well.....seems the volunteering is done by the FFA/4H kids, NOT the Creative Talent kids. So...we got her signed in, and she went to volunteer, and got told to go have fun. :sigh: and :lol:

We ran out for lunch (they offered BBQ for $8/plate...that's too much for us.), then back again by 1:30. The Auction started at 2:30.....Herself had to stay to "present" her drawing while the auctioneer did his thing.

Her item didn't come up until 4:48. (Yes, I was watching the time. I have goats to milk!!!) We had to sit thru the scholarship items (a hand-made wooden ice chest went for $3K. :gulp:), then the Grand Champion animals (the GC steer went for.....$11/pound; the GC hog went for $13/pound; the GC Broilers went for 3/$3000. No, that's not a mis-type - $3K for *3 chickens*. It was.....yeah.)

3 lots before hers was a young (maybe 8?) boy and his hog. The hog was almost as tall as he was....and it went for $17.50/pound. Yes, MORE than the GC hog. It was wild....

Herself went up...we bid. Of course we bid - we didn't know how drawings would sell, and we didn't want her to go home with nothing, y'know? We rapidly got OUT-bid.....long story short, the drawing went for $250. To the guy behind us. :lol: He seemed happy when she handed him the framed artwork.....

SG is kicking himself for not bidding more.....I keep telling him, we set a limit, and hit it right away, so don't fret. He now wants to track down the winner and buy it back.....we'll see.

*I'm* thrilled! She's thrilled, which is what counts. She's also already planning NEXT year's entry (should we be here)......watercolor. And an acrylic painting, and maybe an oil. And something modeled out of clay. :lol: