April 7th, 2011

Calvin: Faces


Got a visit from the city today - they are supposed to keep our creek clear. They haven't done a thing in 5 years....anyway, they came out, looked at the creek (from about 1 acre away - it's TOO muddy to get down there!) and told me they'd have a backhoe out to fix the problem. :heh: We've only been calling them/the county for 2 years, trying to get something done!

My first batch of cheese is congealing on the stove. (It's supposed to be doing that!). Manchego. We'll see how it turns out - I'm heating it up to 104*, then I get to strain off the whey and put it in the press. :whee: I HAD to do something; we were at critical mass on milk - and I have to milk tonight! - and couldn't wait on SG to get around to cheesemaking this weekend. This batch took 2 gallons of milk...if all goes well, we'll end up with 2 pounds of cheese (not very economical, is it? 16 pounds of milk for 2 pounds of cheese?) I'll use the whey in soap, or to make ricotta. Maybe. :lol:

All head-ache-y today, for some reason. :sigh:

Oh! Our chicks were supposed to be mailed yesterday...the hatchery called me and told me they wouldn't go out until next week. I told her, Great! My eggs are due to hatch on Wednesday, so ALL the chicks will be the same age! :happy dance: Love how G-d works things out!!