April 10th, 2011

Dr. Horrible: Bad Horse

:ugh: Passover's coming up....

which means Spring Cleaning. I have to admit, Yah knew what he was doing - if you tell people that they have to get rid of all bread crumbs before a Major Feast, then you're guaranteeing that the entire house will get a through scrubbing at least once a year. :nods: Makes for healthier people.

We're about 80% done. Kitchen/laundry/dining area is DONE. Living room is DONE. Music/game room is DONE. Master Bedroom...Done, except for the closet. It's.......:shudder: Icky. That's on the schedule for next weekend. Weaving room is on the schedule for this week.....it's cluttered, more than anything.

Also, the Garage is DONE. Needs to be put back together, but it's clean, it's scrubbed, and all of the useless junk is GONE. :happy dance:

Had to order the stall mats for the doe barn - McCoy's had them on SALE, so I went there. They were out, but the salesman said he'd go pick them up himself on Monday. The milk room's been swept and tidied, but isn't quite ready for the machine, yet. Maybe tomorrow.

Himself has been a trooper - he bargained with me to buy him some toy; I'd front the money and he'd help clean for Passover. He's gone over and beyond, actually....so I need to do something to thank him.

The A/C went out Friday AM......had a guy come out yesterday. Turns out the dogs had broken the power cord to the outdoor unit....it was, thankfully, a relatively cheap fix. Since it's already hit 90*, this is good - August in Texas is usually brutal; this year looks to be Hell.

Am plowing thru books left and right - I know it's because of the novelty of the Kobo, but hey - I'll take it! Books I wouldn't have looked at are getting "tasted" - Eric Flint is a good writer. Didn't think I'd like his version of alternate history (his "1632" and "1633" are free on Baen's site) - but he's good. I need to find the sequels! :grin:

The dogs ate the remote...this time, it's unusable. :sigh: Gotta go get a replacement - SG can't live without the idiot box!