April 11th, 2011

fiber: River (Firefly) I'll Knit


That's the sound the day makes as it rushes past. :sigh: Herself had a "flex" day, so she got to go in with SG while I went to work. I was done by 9:30, but had to wait for Financial Advisor to get his sorry self up there to sign off on things.....I got to leave at 11:30. Grabbed Herself at SG's work, then boogied home to Himself.

Sat down to school at 1:30 - he just finished. Not too bad - especially since today we started Algebraic Equations. Or so Singapore calls them. It took him a minute, but the light came on and he ran right thru the assignment.

Supposed to pick up the stall mats tomorrow......hope so. I'd like to get the goat barn totally cleaned out. It's a bit stinky in there...and the flies are already appearing. It's gonna be a bad year, I think - it's 77* and HUMID right now...and it's still APRIL.

Took the egg-turner out of the incubator after lunch.....hatch date is Wednesday. Should be fun!