April 15th, 2011

me: portrait


OK, we ended up hatching 10 - out of 24. Little less than 50%. 1 chick died in the shell - it'd managed to pip a hole, but didn't get any further. :sad: The other 13 are just.....there. We've left the 'bator running - tomorrow will be the clean-out day. :sad:

BUT - my 20 chicks from Cackle Hatchery came in! They sent 21 - 20 survived. :happy: All 30 chicks are in the old plastic stock tank in the garage right now, having a blast tottering around on the shavings, pecking at the chick starter, and generally just being chickens.

Got friends coming out - they'll be here in a few minutes. The house is CLEAN (Passover's a good thing, no? :wink:) the chicks are cute, as are the goats. The goat barn is Clean - tomorrow will be strip the doe area and put down the mats day. Fun stuff.....

It's a pretty day, school's out (Herself was "sick") and we're going to have fun. Happy weekend, y'all!

Oh- Rosa's dropped....we should have kid(s) soon!