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April 20th, 2011


Pray for rain, please! 09:33 am
We've lost over 1 MILLION acres here in Texas to wildfires, and they're not stopping yet. We need rain - badly! *We*, personally, haven't been affected - yet - but they're getting closer. Been under a burn ban for a couple of weeks already - so, send your rain and snow this'a'way, please! Supposed to have some thunderboomers this afternoon; it's already overcast and stormy looking, but we were due some last night, too, and they skipped over us. 's alright, IF they go to where they're needed.

Rosa's still holding out. She's SO big and uncomfortable - wish she'd pop! :grin:

We worked on handwriting today. I'm going for a slightly modified Palmer hand - it's neat, it's quick to write...it's just not *pretty*. Still - I'm going for legible, as both kids can't write worth a darn. Messy - both of them look to be doctors in training by the handwriting. I'm doing the drills, too - I could use to "pretty up" my writing as well.

I've started Himself with a fountain pen - it'll lighten up his hand, and make his letters flow, moreso than a ball-point will. Messy, yes - he's got blue ink ALL over his hand today, but his letters look better. I'll start Herself once she's home full-time.

Need to reboot laundry - can't use the line today, but I still gotta wash clothes.
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What if Moses had Facebook? 02:07 pm
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