April 26th, 2011

Disney: L&S Caffeine


Caffeine is the ONLY thing keeping me going this morning. No sleep - too worried about Rosa. We ended up taking her to the vet - we had a line of MAJOR thunderboomers rolling thru, and while he had no problem with coming out, he was afraid of power outages in the barn (and tornadoes, but we don't speak of those out here. Not in Tornado Alley, no way. :shudder:)

He didn't flush her - because he was afraid that IF she was torn (which he doesn't think, and he explained why, so I'm at ease on that point, anyway) he might cause more problems by introducing the flush into the body cavity. He did a full physical on her (while his vet tech was snapping photos, because she's never seen a goat in a vet office before); he checked her milk (what we could milk out) for ketosis (negative) and put her on a pretty heavy dose of penicillin (8cc/1x), and a daily dose of Banamine (1.3 cc/2x) for 4-5 days.

I gave her both last night, and after a few minutes gave her 3ccs orally of Propylene Glycol. It's for treating ketosis...but the bottle said that it was recommended for goats who have skipped more than 1 meal - she'd skipped 3 by then. About 15 minutes later she was vacuuming up hay like nobody's business. I don't know if it was the shots or the drench.....but *something* worked!

This AM, we went out. I was armed with the Banamine...but didn't give it to her. She was up, her ears were up, she was.....I want to say "perky", but that's not really right. She was *there*, if that makes sense; looking alertly around - and she pushed her way into the milk room when I opened the gate. Granted, she didn't jump on the stand - but then, she's probably pretty sore. (I remember the days after childbirth.....I didn't want to *walk*. Can't blame her!) I don't like giving meds, anyway...and pain-killers are iffy with animals, anyway. You don't want them to get dependent on them.....and with goats I've read (somewhere!) that pain meds aren't really recommended - it does damage to the rumen, I think? So.....we skipped it. I gave her another 3 ccs of the PG. She ate a little grain; not as much as normal, but she was eating. When we put her back in the pen, she attacked the hay again - so I'm not as worried as I was.

Except about her milk supply. This was our (not quite) gallon-a-day milker last year; last night we got *maybe* 10 ounces. (We got a total of *maybe* 30 ounces yesterday - not quite 2 pounds, or 1 quart). This AM I got....maybe a solid pound/pound and a half, using the machine (yesterday, the machine couldn't get *anything* out of her, so this is progress!). I didn't weigh it - I dumped it, because of the penicillin she's had (I'm allergic. :shudder:) I'll go back out around noon (gotta feed the babies! They don't like the lamb bar, so we're bottling them for the moment) and try again. We're going to keep up with at least 3x/day milkings on her until we get her sorted - IF she gets sorted. I have hopes.....

Her udder feels...weird. Not congested....more like.......how to explain.....OK. Have you ever felt someone with really toned muscles? You know how the muscles feel under the skin? THAT'S what I'm feeling in her udder; but it's not smooth and tight - it's like the attachments have fallen or something. Her udder isn't the prettiest in the herd anyway; now it looks like someone's strapped 2 2-liter bottles in between her back legs. Long and pointy, not nice and compact like my Nubians. It doesn't matter - she's got a forever home here - but.....I'm wondering if she's got some gravity-enhanced sagging going on here. :shrug:

I'm hoping she'll give us enough milk to feed the babies. Inara is just milking her little heart out (Annie gives us a little more than a quart/day, at almost 16 months lactation. Inara pushes it up to a full GALLON, which means she's pumping out 6 pounds or so a day....as a yearling first freshener. I love this goat! :lol:

Zorra's feeding her buckling right now - I may need to milk her out a bit, as she was a good milker last year. Mocha's not due until the end of May...and Risky (our "new" doe still at the breeder's) was a gallon-a-day'er last year. We'll be swimming in milk soon, so Rosa's supply isn't critical....but she's a dairy goat, and needs to milk. We need cheese and butter and milk.....so if she can feed the bottle babies, that'll be good. Any extra would be, pardon the expression, cream on top. :grin:

It's not critical yet. I have 6 gallons frozen from last year (had 7, but we thawed one out yesterday to feed the babies). 1 gallon will last about 3 feedings right now...but the appetites will go up as they grow.

Anyway, the one really bright spot yesterday was hitting the grocery store and cleaning out their Cadbury egg supply. (Don't judge me! :wink:) Scored 64 eggs for $25. They'll live the fridge until they're consumed - I still have 2 left from last year's haul, and they're still as fresh and tasty as the new ones. I ration them out to last all year - this year I got enough to share. :nods: Love those things.....Love 'em even more in Winter, when NOBODY has them. :giggle:

Oh, and we're going back to the vet tonight - he wants to watch a disbudding. Trouble was born with horn buds and they're getting bigger by the minute. We don't mind hauling the box and iron (and kids) up there - anything to get a "proper" goat vet!

Oh, 2 - the "good" news of this weekend's trainwreck.....last year I was watching a bunch of palm-vet ultrasounds on eBay. They were going for around $1200 - $1500. I tabled it - that's a lot of money for something to replace pregnancy tests!

Well, last night SG asked me if I remembered how much they were. He then asked if one would tell us *how many* kids, and how they were positioned. I said, yes to both......so we are now saving funds to purchase one. I....OK, I'm a gadget-freak, but I really wish *this* wasn't the reason we were budgeting for this. (And for those who think that's way more than they would spend on goats......yes, but we have 20 adults; 16 does. IF/When we breed all 16.....it'd be nice to know how many kids to expect. It would also save $$$$ in the long run - preg tests are.....$7.50 each, I think, and they only say if the doe is open or bred. Not how far along, not how many kids.....Mocha was bred late because we didn't know she had slipped the original pregnancy. :sigh: I'm going to try and find a cheaper source.....because that IS a lot of money, but SG is adamant that we WILL be getting one. Eventually. Should we be here that long....:wink: