May 1st, 2011

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Working for the Weekend.....

Friday sucked, but y'all know that. We ended up getting Himself 2 new (young) gerbils from PetSmart. I...would have waited a bit, but he was all torn up about it and *needed* something in the cage, so.....:shrug: It helped - he's all excited, setting up the cage for them - he bought a hide-away for them (the old gerbils ate theirs), and rearranged things, so it's all good.

Rosa's udder is slowly improving. She's much better - she was outside yesterday head-butting with Annie and Sunny, so she's feeling a LOT beter. Her udder is getting there - we still have a long way to go, though.

Yesterday was good. Got my Mother's Day present...OK. I didn't *ask* for it, and was on the fence about it, but SG talked me into a Nook Color. I love my Kobo...but he's been trying to get me to wanting an iPad since he got his, and it ain't happening. This was his "compromise" - it's a tablet. (Well...if you hack it. I WILL NOT, because I don't *NEED* a tablet - I have my iPhone. I do not need anything else.) That is also an ereader.

I confess, I was lusting after color - I have some knitting patterns that I wanted to be able to carry around with me, but they're in color (charts) and won't work well on the Kobo. I could live without them, but...honestly? It's nice. I was worried about the screen being to bright - but they have a "gray" selection that makes it very similar to e-ink.

He's been trying to get me a Nook since they first came out - I resisted. When the Color came out, he started up again.....I still resisted. He finally wore me down......

We also hit Half-Price, where I scored the BEST thing. Seriously. I wandered over to the Homeschooling section, and started browsing. Found a nice grammar book (I have some old ones on my hard drive, but it's kinda hard for me to use them, since I have to read it on the Mac - that way both kids can see it at the same time. Plus, some of the rules have morphed since the late 1800's...Himself and I are working thru "Grammar-Land", but it's way too basic for him.), found some logic puzzles...and found a copy of "Navigating the Social World" - it's a curriculum designed for Aspies to help them with their social skills. :happy dance: Social stories, emotion charts - the whole works. For $25!!!!! It's written in an easy-for-a-layman-to-understand format, it looks do-able, and I am geeked! Herself needs this - she has no social skills at all. (Unless you count "droning on and on and on about whatever her latest obsession is, even when the audience has started moving away because they Don't Care". She's oblivious. :sigh:)

I also got Jean M. Auel's far, it's....well, not worth the $$. IMO. I'm on Chapter 4, and the writing seems very juvenile to me - not at all up to the first 2.5 books in the series (Seriously. "Clan" and "Valley" would good - a little too much sex, but hey, I can deal. "Mammoth" got tedious - just how many men were gonna want to marry Ayla, anyway, and how much more technology was she going to invent???; "Plains" was just boinking across Europe. "Shelters".....I have blocked that from my memory, so it had to have been pretty bad/boring. This? Along the same lines, so far, in boring-ness, and the prose seems aimed at 6th graders. :yawn: We'll see if I make it - I want to, because Ayla hasn't invented the internal-combustion engine yet, or domesticated cows. I want to see how she does it, because you KNOW she needs milk for her lattes.) I guess I'm spoiled from reading Eric Flint - he writes a nice, tight story and isn't afraid to use "big words". (I'm in 1634, now. There's 5 or 6 novels in that year...then we move on to 1635. I need to see how many more books I need to get....Himself is working thru 1632 now. He's enjoying it - in fact, he's giving mini-reviews to anyone that asks him what he's reading. THAT is reading success, in my book! :lol:)

SG has a violin lesson today. Oh - Himself asked if he could take piano, instead of violin. Breaks my heart, but I agreed. He doesn't have the fingers for violin. We have a CD set of piano lessons (it's the guy from PBS, I think. Half-Price to the rescue again! :lol:) so that's what he's doing. I'll be doing them, too - I always wanted to learn piano.