May 2nd, 2011

fiber: River (Firefly) I'll Knit

It's raining....

finally. I will NOT worry about radioactive rain - I can't do anything about it, and we NEED the rain. Radioactive or not.....we've gotten .5" today. In a nice, slow, steady rainfall - it's cold, yes, which is WEIRD, but hey - rain.

Rosa's doing a LOT better. Her getting there. There's a LOT of soft areas in it now - which is what we want! - and the milk supply is slow gaining. She's getting interested in food - so, I think she's out of the woods. Hopefully.

Work is driving me CRAZY today. 'nuff said.

School - I tried something different this week. Every Sunday, I go thru and get ready for the coming week - I try to copy everything that needs copying, I print off maps/paper models/whatever, and I put them in the front of my Lesson Plan book.

Yesterday, I did all that...but instead of putting it at the front of the book, I put it in the folder on the proper divider (I have plastic dividers in my notebook, labeled by subject. Behind them, I have blank sheets/lesson plans/etc. The dividers have folder pockets on them.) Don't know why I didn't think of it before - it works *great*, and I am now organized. :nods:

We are also doing a logic puzzle every morning before we start "for real". The "well-trained mind" book has you do 15 minutes of logic puzzles a day - but I can't find the books they use, at a price I'm willing to pay. B&N, however, had a bunch on the clearance rack...and Half Price had some, too. So, now *we* have some (not the same books, but hey - logic puzzles/brain-benders are all the same, yes?) and Himself had fun dinking around with one today.

The dogs ate Herself's flower press while Himself and I were at the store today. :grrrr: I'll need to find a replacement. :sigh: I shouldn't say "dogs" - it was MacKenzie. Bree doesn't do that - get things off of the shelf - and Snips has been pretty well-behaved since we got Bree. :mumble:

Off to tidy up a bit!