May 9th, 2011

Calvin: Faces

Today was a work day....

on top of another no-sleep night. Ugh. It's stress - I really didn't want to go in, but....what do you do? SG doesn't want me to quit, because the income - even though it's half what it was - is nice. I wouldn't mind it so much, but I am suffering from "You're at home all day, so do THIS for me!" syndrome. He just can't quite get it thru his head that I am not only teaching, I am also supposed to be doing, you know, actual WORK so that I can get that paycheck that he likes so much. :bangs head:


Himself had done most of his work by the time I got back home. Color me impressed! He didn't do his History - he wasn't sure what to do on the new Notebooking page, and he only did half of his Writing (because it's a stupid program; it's the 3rd grade stuff, but I wanted to start him easy. He..isn't a creative type, his brain isn't wired that way. Creative writing is hard for, go back to 3rd grade and start from there.) Tomorrow we try the new Science Notebook I bought...we'll see how it goes. He's not into notebooking, but we need to do something to help him retain the pesky little details. If this works, I'll go ahead and get the rest of the notebooks next payday, just so I *have* them (so when the 'net gets curtailed, I'll be set. Paranoid? Not really - just trying to be prepared.)

I need to get ready to milk.....