May 15th, 2011

pets: Heart few hours old

:sigh: It's a never-ending cycle

of drama, isn't it? Yesterday was spent cleaning the doe barn (the actual cleaning part took maybe an hour, thanks to the rubber mats (BEST decision we've made this year!) - the rest of the morning was my anal husband sweeping/vacuuming/MOPPING the mats.'s a barn. Not a house. But I digress.) Spent what was left of the day working on the pool pump, fixing fences, and watching Les Miserables 25th Concert on PBS (and then "Phantom of the Opera" on DVD). up to a disaster area. Seems McKenzie has discovered the cashmere stash - it was ALL OVER the house. :sigh: Then went out to milk, only to discover Heart had had an accident - 3 rolls of vet-wrap later we got the bleeding stopped. Looks like something spooked her - coyotes, most likely - but I can't tell WHERE or WHAT she got into. Her right fore-shoulder has a large gash (hard to wrap, that), her right fore-ankle has a deep gash, and her left fore-ankle has a small gash. There's blood ALL OVER the's nasty.

She was in all sorts of pain- she let me grab her halter with no argument, and she didn't fight when I started spraying the iodine/puffing the blood-stop powder/wrapping the legs. NOT normal for her - she's a feisty one. We need to get some tetnus vaccine for her - I have it for goats, but not horses - so I can prevent that. :sigh:

Rosa's relapsed. Looks like the machine wasn't getting her milked out, and now we have a mild case of mastitis going on. We're hand-milking her, along with the massage, and I've given her 2 does of Pirsue (a mastitis medication that's vet RX - much stronger than the stuff you can get OTC at feed stores). I gave the first dose Friday evening; Saturday AM we got maybe 1 cup from her. Last night, we got a little more - and I gave her dose #2. This AM we got about half a strip-cup full (so, about 2.5 cups or so). Not great, but better. I just wish I could get her healthy so WE could have her milk!

Gotta go do some work-work now. Fun stuff!