May 16th, 2011

QOW: Angela

Is there something in the air?

Because Herself was HORRIBLE today. And HORRIBLE doesn't even begin to cover it - it was like she had NO MEDS at all - which is not the case; we picked up her prescription Friday afternoon. I mean, we had doors slammed (and she BROKE my stained glass front door. BROKE it. And it had to be the RED glass, which is THE most expensive to replace, only we can't, because it's OLD glass and they don't make it anymore. She broke a pretty large triangular piece out of the border.....the piece is still in the frame, but I don't see how it can be fixed), we had shouting, we had bad attitudes towards EVERYONE (to the point I told her to start walking, because I was NOT taking her to school) was bad.

And then, after she "apologized" (it was lukewarm, at best), I went out to start the Jeep and it was DEAD. :bangs head: SG had to turn around, haul her sorry butt to school, then jump off the Jeep. :sigh: I'll be checking it later - I need to run to the store to get lunch stuffs.

AND, Heart was being a grumpy bitch- she tried to bite me when I went out to look at her legs. I didn't touch her - I was just looking - and I wanted to give her some more Bute, but she was having none of it. The wrap at the elbow had fallen (which I predicted), and there's puss coming out, least it's coming out. Tonight, SG will catch her and I'll do a through cleaning of it, then hit it with some lime (it eats proud flesh, and helps get rid of any puss. Folk-remedy, to be sure, but it *works*).

The kids are outside with the other goats today. They had a blast yesterday....and they need the socialization. They need to know they're goats and not funny people.

Horrible day so least the Shuttle made it up safely.