May 17th, 2011

M15M: POTO - Hide ring

Today is a better day...

Herself was more in control this AM, after banging around the house last night. She *did* apologize, so...there's that.

She had to ride with the neighbor this AM - my Jeep needs a doc. The "check engine" light is on, and it makes a funny noise when you start it (or did yesterday - haven't tried it yet today.). We're taking it in this afternoon....yea, more debt! :sigh:

Heart is...better, I think. She's moving OK; last night I rinsed her leg really, really well, got all the icky off, and hit it with lime. I also gave her 5ccs of Penicillin - HATE the stuff, I'm scared of it (hello, allergies!), but it's the go-to drug of choice for stuff like this. She also got 2ccs of bute for the pain.

Rosa has a mild case of mastitis going on - I ran a PortaSCC on her yesterday, and it was DARK blue. :sigh: So, I hit her with the Penicillin, too, since it's the first choice for the most common type of mastitis. I need to get a milk sample and send it in, but want to get her cleared up ASAP. This AM her udder was a bit softer, and the milk was looking normal (yesterday it was watery.) Both critters will stay on the Pen for 5 days, then we'll re-evaluate them.

Spent yesterday afternoon printing off stuff for next week - BOTH kids will be home. We turned in the withdrawal papers Friday for Herself; this Friday is her last day of public school. I'm not sure how this is going to work - she can be hard to deal with - but I'll give it my best shot. The original thinking was to get her caught up to Himself in History and Science, and do them together, but now I think not. I'll just have to do them separate - she can't stand to have someone smarter than her, and gets nasty. :big sigh: We'll be working on THAT, too.

I've got the Notebook set for Science, and I've got everything set up for History. Math.....I may let her skip math for a few weeks - Himself is just barrelling thru Singapore 6A, and will soon be even with where she *should* be. I think she needs a break....Art....Anna had linked some free watercolor classes, pastel classes, and drawing classes, so she'll be doing those, plus the CD's I have. Music....violin, 2x/week, plus I'll be adding a composer unit on those days. (Already have that set up and ready to go. The music selections are no problem - we have a pretty good classical collection. :grin:) Reading.....that's not a problem, she read "Call of the Wild" for fun last week. Writing....we'll see where she's at. Ditto on Grammar - I have quite a few books, and I'll be doing that with both at the same time (same with the Composers unit. I am NOT looking forward to it, but I really don't want to do the same thing 2x/day.)

We also have a Weather unit we'll be doing, but as a family. SG wants to learn more about weather.....OK, then. :grin:

I need to get to the Post Office - I owe people mail!!!!

Oh - any of my HS'ing friends need Singapore 5A/5B? We're done with it.....I can quickly copy the answers for 6A/B and send the answer book along, too. (And..we should be done with 6A pretty soon now. Did I mention he's barrelling thru it? Percents are a bit tricky.....but he's *got* it. I'm holding him here for the moment to make sure he's completely got it, although I'm pretty sure he does.) I've got the Textbook for 5A, and the textbook and workbook for 5B (I think I've got the WB for 5A, but didn't see it last night. I'll check again), and the Text/Work/AND Intensive Practice for 6A/6B. I'd love to pass the on - I got some of my books from friends, and would like to do the same.