May 18th, 2011

Calvin: Faces

Well, that turned out...

better than expected. The Jeep only needs a new battery - that's all the check engine light was indicating. :whew: I am relieved - I was afraid it was something more expensive!

There was a coyote outside the chicken run this AM when we went out to milk. I chased him off....not good. :ugh:

Rosa gave us almost 1.5 quarts this AM, so that's good.

Other than that, things are perking along.

OH....if you haven't stocked up yet, you might want to grab some canned goods while you can. Farmers are being flooded out right now - they are at the break-even point right now, but if they don't get the seeds in the ground SOON, they'll be at a loss, and might not even plant at all. Just sayin'.......canned goods will store, and WILL be going up in price soon.