May 22nd, 2011

Firefly: Karaoke

Streams of Civilization

is the text we're using for History. I have spent most of the morning getting lap/notebooks set up for Herself....I have finished Ch. 1-3 and 6, and am currently on Ch. 4. :whew: It seems that NOBODY has done this yet.....for whatever reason. (Herself is just starting the book; Himself starts Ch. 6 tomorrow. I'm trying to get all of it done quick, so that I have a "grab-and-go" file for each chapter. The only things NOT included in my files are maps (because I bought them from Knowledge Quest) and notebook pages (because we don't use them much. HS Launch has TONS of free ones, though)

IF you are using this book and want some more hands-on stuff for it, shoot me an email and I'll send you the files. I can't sell 'em, since most of the stuff I've used so far I found (for free!) on other sites - I'm just putting it together in the same order SoC puts it.

We got 1.25 gallons of milk this AM. :boggle: From 3 goats. (The kids got the last of the frozen). Good times.....

The contractor is supposed to be here on Friday to fix the ceiling. We should have our VoIP stuff next week, then we'll cancel the phone service from current provider (we'll be canceling the 'net from them tomorrow).

Not much else to report - I need to get back to Ch. 4!