May 26th, 2011

Calvin: Happy Dance

Take me out to the ballgame....

Yesterday we had a field trip to study Applied Physics. :snerk:

Yup - we went to a baseball game! Rangers vs. White Sox....and Rangers won, 2-1. Good game - and we had fantastic seats! We were right by the foul bar on Right Field - about 16' up. Only problem was - no shade. It was 87*...and bright. All of us got sunburned on our legs - but it was FUN.

I had asked for a ball. The Lord sent 6 - yes, *6* - my way, but I am a chicken. The last one came STRAIGHT at me - if I hadn't been so paranoid about injury, I could have held my hat up and caught it....a guy 2 rows back ended up with it. I just.....87 MPH + strong bat swing = something I am scared to try and catch. :lol: Mitch (Moreland) even tossed one up - but he kinda overshot us. :shrug:

We had fun, and the kids enjoyed themselves. It was Dollar-Hot-Dog day, which was good, but they made up profits from the drinks. *$3.50* for a bottle of water, *$7.95* for an order of fries (granted, it was large enough for all 4 of us to share), and $5.50 EACH for rinky-dink ice cream.

Still, fun day. :nods: I'd like to do it again, but it lower seats. We'll have to check the prices, though - decent seats aren't cheap. :sigh: This was thanks to SG's bonus.....we couldn't have afforded it otherwise.

Off to milk....