May 31st, 2011

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we're finished with school today! We did 2 days worth, so it took longer; add in the drama of Miss Herself, who said that History was STUPID, and Science was DUMB and.....:sigh: I pointed out that she could do the notebook, or she could fill out the question outline I had set up - her choice. She took 1 look at the 35 question Science Outline, and the 30 question History Outline, and decided that, hey - the notebooks aren't so bad after all! And they're not really stupid, I mean, her PUBLIC SCHOOL did some things like that, too, and she liked them, and....:rolls eyes:

Upshot was that she finished about 1 hour before Himself. No surprise there - he's carrying a heavier course load right now. Plus he had an experiment to do in Science....and a 50-queston Math review (which I cut down to 25, because a) it's Summer and b) he knows all of it, it was a review, and *I* didn't want to sit there while he worked all 50 problems, some of which were multiple-parters. He got a 92 on it, so that's good. We can move on out of percents now - finally! :lol:

I had to have a talk with her - yes, she "knows" how to write. *I* have to provide proof if we're ever audited - so, she has to write. Ditto on grammar and math - just because she "knows" factors, she still has to do the assignment (and....she DOESN'T know factors, since she missed half of the questions. :sigh: Glad I bought the workbook that goes along with the text! I'm not sure WHAT she doesn't know, so we're going to have to go slow.) It's going to upset her when Himself comes along into her book - he's mathy. He GETS math, usually the first time, and he retains it. I honestly think he'll be passing her up pretty soon - we've got 1 more chapter in 6A, then we move on to 6B. For the record, that means we're already half-way thru 6th grade math.....since March. I'm NOT rushing him - I test him on each chapter, and we don't move on until I know he's got it. (We spent a little extra time on finding percents of percents, because he had a block on it..until the 2nd day. *bam* he got it, and was bored on day 3, because he *had* it.) He's also science-y, and she's not......I wanted to get her up to his chapter, but I don't think that's going to happen. History...maybe, but I don't think she can move quick enough in Science to understand it and catch up. :sigh: 2 sets of

At least she's good in Art. :weak grin: I've started her in watercolor....once she's got the techniques down she'll move into Acrylics. I found Artistic Pursuits, High School Edition on Amazon for half-price (for both books! Yeah!) so she'll be doing that once they come in. (It's a FANTASTIC course - it lays out techniques, but doesn't force you to draw a specific thing. For example, 1 objective was texture. Draw something with texture. I drew Snips; Himself drew a Mesquite tree - and it's GOOD. There have been a couple of lessons where you were supposed to imitate the "featured" artist - one was of a drawing of a Chinese horse using the wet brush technique - the objective was to imitate it with thick-and-thin pencil lines. The only drawback is the cost - the books are NOT cheap, unless you find them used. (Roughly $50/book, and there's 2 books per age group. That's a LOT of money!)

I'm trying to lighten up over the summer....but I want to keep up with Science, History and Math. I've let them slack off this week on Art, writing, Hebrew, and Music....but we'll be picking up Music again either Thursday (the next scheduled day) or next week - I want to do 1 day of lessons, and 1 day of Music Appreciation; same with Art. I just don't want them forgetting everything they've already learned...which they'd do if we skipped school all summer. :sigh:

It's been an hour since lunch - gotta go change and swim! That'll be our PE credit for the day....:grin: