June 1st, 2011

Disney: L&S Stitch bonking head

Arg......gle bargle.

I am *tired* of hearing "I hate this!" every time it's time to sit down to do school. Even stuff she's perfectly capable of doing - "I Hate This.". :bangs head:

It's not because we're schooling over the summer. It's the simple fact that THIS is what we do. 3 subjects today: Math (factors again, because she honestly doesn't get it. :sigh: I'm gonna have to hold her hand, because she isn't comprehending the instructions. Anyway - *8* problems. *8*.), History (read 5 pages, fill in what you can of the notebook), and Writing (write 1 paragraph about feelings.). That's it.

Himself had 2 math worksheets (on speed/distance), History (8 pages, finish notebook), and Writing (6 short paragraphs describing his room). Plus weather. NO complaints, except about writing - he hates it. (Which is why he does it. :snicker:) Plus he did his laundry. :sigh:

She's also decided on WHAT she's going to do when we get to Early Greece - "I am going to study the greek gods, because they're cool. I'm going to read about them and and and....." Um......maybe, because she's interested, but we have to GET to early Greece FIRST, and at the rate she's going that'll be sometime NEXT year. :sigh: (Himself is in Classical Greece, and will be in the Roman Republic next week. He's just moving right along. She's....not. Complain, complain, whine.......and yet, she WANTED to learn World History!!!! I just don't......:sigh:)

I'm trying to put together stuff to go along with "The Annotated Mona Lisa", an Art Appreciation book I got for $2. (It was recommended in "The Well-Trained Mind"....while I don't agree with most of the book - *6* hours of school per day for 5th? Um......not even! - I do appreciate the curriculum recommendations.) (And - I have the psychologist's blessing on our schedule - he said that there was no reason to force 1 hour of math IF the kid gets it in 5 minutes. As long as I'm SURE he/she gets it, we can move on to something else. Ditto the other subjects - and he liked our 3 day/2 day schedule, too, because that was how college is. Some days we DO spend an hour - or more - on a subject, because it's a "tricky bit" or long or whatever, but that's not the norm. Since he's testing well - and that's how you judge retention - I've quit obsessing over the schedule. Mostly. :grin: Anyway...) I have pictures of prehistoric cave art, and I'm trying to put them into a notebook page. I also have line-drawings of same that the kids will be coloring. Ditto Egyptian Art. I've already got a bunch of units on specific "ages" of Art - Impressionists, Renaissance, etc, so those are done (I was going to use them in the History section, but I think that would be over-kill. Rather do them in *Art*, then just lightly touch on the artist in the correct time period.)

Gotta go re-boot laundry. I can see the floor! :lol: