June 5th, 2011

Firefly: We're all gonna die

So. Hot.

This weekend is the big Highland Games and Scottish Festival. It's always hot....this year it was HOT. (Next year, it's moving to the first weekend in May. Yeah for less heat, Boo for Tornado season! :sigh:) Low crowds, lots of heat.....it was miserable.

I did get a full bobbin spun, and got to talk to ritaspins37. And we bought Himself his very own kilt. We'd been borrowing one from my SIL....and, well....

OK. If my kid outgrows something - be it a book, a toy, or item of clothing - I'll pass it on. Not loan it out - simply give it to you. *I* don't need it anymore. The kilt we borrowed - it's driving me crazy, because I am petrified he'll ruin it - he's a kid. Kids don't worry about their clothes! So...we found one that's a smidge big (he's a 28" waist; this one is a 30") for $65 in the Stewart Hunting plaid. AND it's washable! (because it's not wool, it's an acrylic blend - hey, he's a KID, and he's messy. I can live with a non-wool kilt!)

Thing is, "real" kilts will run you $600+. No, that wasn't a mistype - $600 is the going rate (or was, a few years ago) for 8 yards of Clan Tartan. Then you add the tailoring - SG paid over $1K for his Marine Corps kilt. I was NOT going to pay for a real kilt when the kid will outgrow it - probably before the next Festival.

Plus, I have the fabric for him for his own Clan kilt - I have 8 yards of full-width, and 8 yards of half-width. (The full-width is for a Great Kilt, which isn't sewn. You hand-pleat it before each wearing, lay down on it, and belt it 'round. Then you fiddle with the "peacock tail" to make the upper, "sash" part. The half-width was DH1's payment for making his brother a "traditional" kilt - for those, you only use 30" wide fabric; you pleat and sew them in, add the buckles etc, and you're good to go whenever you want. It's a LOT of work - you hand sew the knife-pleats in, and you have to do a bit of lining in the waist, and you have to have fittings to make sure the buckles are in the right place......:ugh:) Soon as he hits his full height, he can have a kilt made for him......but I won't do it before that.

This one is nice - Himself requested a "green tartan, please!", and Hunting Stewart is that. While some people get all fussy over using the "correct" tartan...in this case, it doesn't matter. And, if you want to get technical, *I* have ancestors from Clan Stewart, so he's "legal" (don't get me started on that...) And - machine washable! Can't beat that - especially not for a kid!

It was fun, but HOT. Hooray for bodice chillers! And sunscreen! (Not going back today - we have a birthday party to attend.)