June 10th, 2011

me: portrait

Well. THAT was weird....

Himself and I were out doing evening stables (as they say - ie, we were milking. :lol:) I had hooked up the first flight; Himself was monitoring the goats and I was filling up the cleaning buckets, when all of a sudden this young man walked up. He was trying to sell educational books, to "help fill the gaps public school isn't filling". I replied that we homeschooled, and he got all excited, because "Homeschool families are AWESOME!". :sigh:

He tried the soft-sell while I busied myself with the normal routine (usually, ignoring folks get rid of them...not him!). Long story short, he hung out until we finished milking, then left (with 2 dozen eggs, because we have a surplus. I swear, it'll be like zuccini soon - we'll be leaving eggs in unlocked cars!).

Anyway, I turned this odd visit to my advantage - Herself came out and asked me "So....was....hecheckinguponourhomeschooling?" (See - she has been very argumentative about doing the assignments. I keep telling her that I DON'T CARE that she "knows" the stuff; if I don't have written proof, we CAN get in trouble if the State ever decides to audit us. (I don't mention that they probably won't.....heh) ) I, thinking quickly, said "Well, yes and no. He was trying to sell school books, but he DID ask a lot of questions about what curriculum we're using, and where y'all stand grade-wise (both true statements.). He seemed OK with the answers." (Of course he was, because he really was just trying to sell books. :lol:)

Himself ran up at that point, and asked basically the same question. :snerk: I think my point was made - they both got really quiet, and Herself actually stopped and *looked* at the HS shelf in the kitchen. :lol:

We'll see if it "sticks"......