June 12th, 2011

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Cool find!

I found a set of children's History magazines on eBay a while back. They arrived Thursday, and I've spent all my free time since perusing them.

It's "Cobblestone"; it's all American History, and it's *fascinating*! Well-written (on about a 5th grade level, I think), lots of accounts from primary sources - they'll be a huge help when we get into American History next year.

It's still in publication, so we might end up subscribing...we'll see. There's a lot of links to PBS programs, so I'm not sure if they are an offshoot or what - but it's a cool magazine.

I'm working my way thru the Early Middle Ages for the kids - I'm learning a LOT. I knew that History flows; it's not A happened, then later B, then even later C - it's all a nice, never stopping flow - but I didn't realize that the Fall of Rome led directly to the Rise of the Byzantine Empire, which fell and led directly to the Middle Ages, and so forth. I LOVE history anyway, so this is cool. I'm learning a LOT - which is good. And I'm having fun, so that's even better. :lol:

Back to it - Ch. 11. Constantine. The Lombard Invasion of Rome. The rise of Islam. Cool stuff!