June 17th, 2011

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I KNOW Herself has neurological problems. I KNOW Asberger's has a LOT of "built-in" things that "normal" people have problems dealing with.

But I can NOT take much of her negativity, especially in regards to Math. Today, we were looking at square roots. Now, keep in mind that in PS, she was in ALGEBRA. The stuff we've been working on should be stuff she's done. This SHOULD be nothing more than a review - even if the problems are a bit different than she's used to, it still should be review (I will admit that *I* didn't get/understand "find the square root and notate it in prime factorization"....:huh?: Basically, the answer was something like "5 squared x 7 cubed" or somesuch. :scratches head:) Still - the textbook DOES show examples - I kinda understand what they're doing, even though I don't remember doing this stuff myself....I think I'm going to have to break down and buy the teacher's manual for each book in this series (at $30 PER book, 2 books per year. :sigh: 4 years.....$240. :gulp: It's in the budget for next paycheck....I am obviously NOT able to teach her like I can Himself - he GETS math, she doesn't. :sigh: I need the help!)

It also doesn't help that she refuses to backtrack to the book Himself's using...:sigh:

Annnnnd - she's not reading the text. She's taking the notebook elements, skimming to find the correct answers, and claiming she's read the whole thing. I have proof....she missed HALF of her Science test questions, because she hadn't read the damn book. :bangs head:

It's frustrating - she's bright, she's capable of this stuff....and she's NOT DOING IT. :bangs head:

Gotta go shopping...got party stuffs to gather. With a grumpy kid who claims that it's not HER fault she flunked everything today. It never is.....
:deep breath: Sorry, but it's been a long morning.
EOI: M'lady

You know I couldn't keep quiet for long....

:lol: We got the Calliope magazines today - they're from Cobblestone, the same publisher that put out the American History mags I got last week (or so). I......they're cool. But. They're......

I've flipped thru 3 of them so far. Whereas I was immediately sucked into the Am. History mags (called "Cobblestone", funnily enough - guess that was the first magazine they came out with), I just can't get into these. The facts are there, the writing is at the same level as the others....but....I......I'm just not impressed for some reason.

Maybe it's because I put them into chronological-by-subject order, and these first 3 all talk about the ancient gods and whatnot that's turning me off? (Although I *love* Greek myths, so I'm not sure *why* that issue left me bored). :sigh:

I'm still going to put them with the World History stuff, and have the kids read 'em when they get to that particular time period.....but...I dunno that I want to subscribe to it. (Which is why I hit eBay first for a lot, so I could get a feel for them.) Cobblestone, now...maybe. The science one...well, I have to get a lot of them, first...:lol:

Himself got stung by 3 wasps this afternoon, so I've been all aflutter. *I* am highly allergic, and so I assume everyone else is, too. He's doing OK - the one on his elbow doesn't bother him at all, the 2 on the back of his knee are only bothersome when he moves the joint a lot.