June 19th, 2011

Firefly: OMG Yeah!

Attn: Bargain Hunters!

OK. I don't know if EVERY Home Depot does this, but it's worth checking out!

We went to HD yesterday to get some wood to fix the pool deck steps. We were...discussing :heh: whether the steps were 3' wide, or less (I said 3', SG said less, but he kept putting his hands 3' apart...so...) when one of the employees came up to see if we needed help. SG asked him to arbitrate; he said 3' was standard. Great! So....we had to figure which length boards to buy that a) would easily fit in the truck and b) create 5 steps with the least amount of waste. Employee states that he will be happy to cut a 16' board (he said he'd do it for free; we did end up paying, but didn't care at that point). Great!

So. While he's getting the saw set up, SG sees the "scrap" bin. There were 2 rather large (3' x 3') 3/4" plywood in there, with no color-coding. After the wood was cut, SG asked the employee about it....and we got to talking. Seems that ALL the wood in the center of the aisle (and there was...a LOT of carts!) was scrap and was going to be dumped. !!!!!!!

There was a cart FULL of cedar fence-pickets. Guy said that normally, they'll sell for $1.50 each, but these are split and so usually end up in the dumpster. They will sell 'em, though - at $0.50 each. !!!!!!!!!!

So. I counted...and came up to roughly $60. We went back and forth - SG all for it, me asking WHAT FOR and WHAT if we have to buy MORE, because this is IT for right now, and would it be worth paying, say $350 for the same amount if we don't have enough....not arguing so much as making sure we were both on the same page. It was pretty much a forgone conclusion that we'd be buying it....but we both wanted to make sure the other was OK with it. ($60 is cheap. However....he wanted to use them in the "BBQ area" he wants. It's going to be roughly 20' x 20', with a half-wall all the way around. Screens from that point up. I'm OK with it...but it's going to be pricey if we buy all the wood. The original plan was to use the pallet wood for it - it's FREE - and rough-cut cedar posts for the corners. We can get those free, or almost so, locally - and then "oops" R-panels for the roof.)

After a lot of back-and-forthing, the employee comes up and says "You know, if you want ALL of them, management MIGHT make you a deal. I've seen 'em price a full cart as low as $5 - I can't promise that, but...." We jumped on it.

It took the employee about 20 minutes to get someone in management to make a decision.....long story short, we got the WHOLE cart for $15. *83* cedar pickets. (I had somehow mis-counted; the "regular" price would have been around $40. Still, though! Perfect pickets at $1.50 each.....that's what, about $150? For $15?????)

The employee says they do this ALL the time...so we'll be haunting that particular HD.

We're going to use these for the barn - I need to research and make sure cedar isn't harmful to the goats before committing to *where* (right now, we want to line the bottom of the kidding area and doe area, and the top of the milk-room with them. The cedar seems to keep the flies out.....), but...yeah. Almost free wood!

Go check out your local HD and see - if it's nation-wide, then we've got a source for cheap wood! (The employee also said that this store dumps a lot of S&D tools, too.....we need to get in on that, I think. If they're going to write them off, I'd be happy to pay a minimum for tools, even if there's no warranty.)

Gotta skitter - got to get the pool skimmed before the party. And check the bread, and sweet corn, and see if SG needs anything for the grill. :hops: