June 21st, 2011

Calvin: Happy Dance

It's RAINING! Praise the Lord!!!!!

We've needed this - badly. We're like 12" BELOW the "norm" this year, and it's BAD. We've got flooding going on right now, and tons of lightning strikes - but PRAISE THE LORD it's raining!

My goats are in the barn, probably freaking out. I need to milk, but they'll have to wait - I want the rain to die down a little before heading out (and, we can't milk right now because of the lightning; the machine might cause a strike. Plus, the barn is on the extension cord......)

Yesterday was bad for me - no sleep Saturday or Sunday evening. And work yesterday. :sigh: I had a hard time concentrating.

Herself got a 100 on a square root worksheet I found (can't remember the link offhand; it's something like "homeschoolmath.net". It looks to be by the creator of Mammoth math - the site has a worksheet generator for basic (preschool thru....pre-Algebra, it looks like) maths. I've created enough worksheets for this week, to make sure she really does understand square roots and prime factorization.

Funny story: Yesterday, Himself was reading History. Roman Empire. He paused, and said "Hey! Hadrian was crazy, wasn't he? Thinking a 6' wall would hold back the Picts. :snicker: Oh - do we have a model of the wall??" Well, no, I didn't - but it only took me 5 minutes to find one via Google. :lol: The Colosseum was mentioned, too - so he's got 2 models to build this week. So far. I think I need to hit Canon's site again and go ahead and download ALL the models......just in case. I probably won't - I mean, just how many Russian cathedrals/Japanese Temples does 1 family need? :lol:)

We just lost power......it came right back, but the storm's getting worse. :happy dance: (Yes, I'm happy - we NEED the rain! The storm's moving quickly....)
Dr. Horrible: Not a Good Sound

Keepin' it Real....

OK. I try to keep it real, here - I might "funny" something up, and I might gloss over some of the tantrums and meltdowns and whatnot, but I try to keep things real. This...I couldn't make this up if I tried. :lol: (It's kinda icky, though....be warned!)

So. We live in the middle of a former cow pasture. There's a current cow pasture to our left, and a doublewide with empty pasture to our right. We're in the country, and there are vermin out here - it's just something you have to live with. Mice, snakes, vultures, feral cats and dogs - we've got 'em. We take precautions, but there's only so much you can do.

Right now, we are having a mouse problem. I don't know HOW they got in, but get in they did, and they've had a ball. I have tried snap traps/sticky traps/bait packets/an exterminator. The population has decreased - I think - but they're still around.

Today, though.......I wanted to start on my laundry early, since it was raining and I knew I'd have to use the dryer. There were some towels already in the washer, so I figured I'd go ahead and start with ALL the towels. No biggie....

I opened the washer, and a mouse jumped at me. :shudder: I have NO clue how it got in there, or how long it'd been there. SG managed to scoop it out, but it jumped over the dogs and scurried away. :shudder: I pulled the towels out and ran a cleaning cycle with bleach, because :ick:, then I went ahead and started the daily laundry.

An hour later, I went to pop the towels into the dryer and start the sheets....and THERE WAS ANOTHER MOUSE IN MY WASHER. :ohlord: It also got away when we scooped it out - I didn't have a lid to fit the milk pail; we were using a tupperware bowl, and it managed to squeeze out in between them. :shudder:

I really don't want to open the washer again.....but I gotta. I'm behind in laundry now - I'm just now on load #2. I should be on #4 now...but because I have to run bleach thru it I'm not. :shudder:

I mean, this is funny, yes, but it's also icky. We've got the commercial bait traps all around the outside, but I think I'm gonna have to move a couple to the inside. I'm tired of dealing with mice....Snips tries, she's a *good* mouser, for a dog, but it's not enough. (The other 2 dogs chase 'em, but can't figure out how to catch them. Snips kills them. Glad I kept her..now. :lol:)

:shudder: Be thankful YOU aren't dealing with it.