June 22nd, 2011

Disney: L&S Caffeine

More Rain!!!!

Praise the Lord! We need it SO bad - I will NOT complain about the high winds, pretty, pretty lightning, water dump - it's rain! :happy dance:

School was quick this AM (just History and Math), so we headed out to the store at 9. I needed to get the larger Pro-Click spines - and there's only 1 store "close" that carries them. So...into town we went. And oh, gee - look. Half-Price books is Right. There! :lol: I was good - I came out with only 4 books....I left the complete set of Charlotte Mason (all 6, $4/each. I...might go back. Maybe....if one of y'all wants 'em, holler and I'll run back out there. I don't really need them....but it was a good price!)

We then hit Thrallmart....SG wanted a new knife set. They didn't have the one *I* wanted....so we hit another one. Still no go, so we went to the Outlet Mall. THEY didn't have *my* set, but they had a better brand, for less...so it came home. If SG doesn't like them, I'll take them back. :shrug:

The kids and I had a nice chat about the economy, and how our government is SO FAR away from what it was intended to be. It was enlightening - for all of us. :grin:

And....for some reason, I have the overwhelming urge to buy an antique violin. I had this urge a year or so ago; I spent HOURS on eBay looking and listening to sound files, and was able to "scratch the itch". It's back...and worse. I'm trying to see if it's *me*, just wanting something new, or if it's something I'm supposed to do. We have 3 4/4 violins right now (and 1 1/2...but Himself isn't doing violin right now, he's doing piano.) Of the 3, mine is the only really nice one - it's at least 30 years old, the tone is nice, not fantastic, but nice. SG's is new...and isn't *bad*, but *I* don't like it's voice. It's too.....light. Fluffy. I can't explain....it just leaves me flat when I play or hear it. (Mine, I like. It has a nice, resonant, relatively deep voice.) Herself's....is crap. We knew it when we bought it....didn't think it would matter, but *I* can't stand it. It's flat, it's 1-dimensional, and it's dull.

But. *I* don't play for real - I just noodle around on it every few days, for no more than 20 minutes at a time (it hurts to play longer). I use it when I'm teaching her - it's easier to show her what I want when I don't have to constantly borrow her instrument. We don't NEED another instrument...so I'm not really sure *where* this urge has come from.

Would I like a nice, old violin? You betcha - I've always wanted an old one. Do I *need* one? Well, not really. So, I'm looking, but not planning on buying. IF I'm supposed to, I'll know....and I'll know when I hear it if I'm supposed to buy. We'll see. (Keeping it real, folks.....)