June 24th, 2011

Calvin: Toilet

Busy as a beaver....

that's me! Had to run to Big D today - my ProClick broke. No, I didn't drop it - it fell (all by itself!) off of the shelf. :sigh: (I had the kids' sketch boards on top of the books behind the ProClick...one slipped, hit the ProClick, and down it went.) Office Depot was *VERY* nice - they replaced it free. I did agree to buy a protection agreement for it - a whopping $6! - so that this one is covered for sure for a year. :sigh:

Herself is being a pill. History...ok, I screwed up. *I* thought she was in Chapter 3; she's not, she's only in Chapter 2. However, she didn't TELL me I messed up; instead she bitched and moaned about the "stupid" notebook, and the vocabulary words that "weren't there!"....I didn't find out until I tested her (on Chapter 3 - she should have read the damn chapter anyway, since that was the assigned reading!) and noticed I hadn't tested Chapter 2. :bangs head: She's old enough that she should have noticed that the notebook and chapter didn't match - and then TOLD me so I could investigate. She's agreed to "power-read" Chapter 2 this weekend, and test on Monday, so she can move on and catch up with Himself.

I've got SO MANY art things I want to do that match up with History, but can't really do it with both kids at the same time until they are in the same Chapter. :sigh: SHE agreed to do 1 chapter a week until she was caught up....and now she's complaining. :deep breath: She's a BRILLIANT child - she knocked out 12 math problems (on squares/cubes/etc) in 5 minutes this AM, and only missed 3 - she's just really HARD for me to deal with.

I know, y'all told me it wouldn't always be roses in the school room, but Himself isn't the problem. He'll do the work (mild complaining on writing - we're working on it!), and he's willing to work with me to figure out the best way to do stuff. Her? Not so much. I apologized for messing up, and told her to TELL ME if I do it again - I want her to do well! I can't do that if she won't work with me......

I'm up to Chapter 13. I'm slow....I just realized in the Jeep today that I don't have to do booklets on the various people we're studying - I can do one of the biography notebooking sheets I have! Just add a picture of the person, a picture of something from his/her life, and voila! The kid fills in the bottom with facts, and there ya go - a nice page on the person - and easier on me than coming up with books! :duh!:

We hit Barnes and Noble today.....bad idea. They have a clearance section....and they had books. (Duh!) A nice book on the kings and queens of England and Scotland came home with me ($7!) as well as a book on the Wars of the Middle Ages (with diagrams! And pictures!) and a fiction book for *me*. Also a BBC History magazine.....:sigh: I'm a history buff, so....this wasn't good. Well, it was, but....:lol:

Gotta check laundry....