June 29th, 2011

Disney: L&S Dance with me

Blah de blah de blah...

Busy, etc. Spent the morning, while the kids were doing school, making bookmarks from the link Anna left me yesterday. :lol: Monster bookmarks! The kids are delighted with them - Herself painted a sheet of card stock for it, and Himself chose bright blue (of course). You can get 4 bookmarks from a normal sheet of card stock, with a little left over.

I do have another link: Activity Village - it's a UK site, and is FULL of printables, most notably ones on British Monarchs. I spent a few hours there yesterday, and will spend more there today - why should *I* make up notebook pages/mini books, where they're right there? :grin:

I've decided to go ahead and move on with Herself's math - she KNOWS prime factorization, she just sucks at addition/subtraction/multiplying. So, we've moved on to Chapter 2....positive and negative integers. Yes, it's review - I've told her this. She's still not thrilled with it, but hey - she'll get over it.

Texas was declared a disaster area - the drought has *hammered* farmers and ranchers. Buckle up, guys - beef is gonna cost a FORTUNE soon. Ditto veggies/cheese/etc, because....the cows are GONE. Hay prices are heading UP again, as is feed prices (the drought has devastated our crops - there simply isn't anything growing, except in small gardens where the owners can water....but. We're about to be put on severe water restrictions, which will pretty much kill off the gardens. :sigh:). I know a LOT of folks who are selling off ALL of their goats.....we're not going to breed the Cashmeres again, because of feed prices. We're looking at which dairy girls to breed...won't be all of them, for sure. (With them, though....we need the milk. Any kids we can't sell will go in the freezer. *I* don't like it, but it's a fact of life. Feed prices will be the same until the kids are weaned....then they'll go up a bit. :sigh:)

I'm trying to fill our freezer NOW, so that we'll be OK this winter. Spring will be problematical if we don't get rain...but the cows have been sold, and it'll take a couple of years to get the numbers back up. Not sure how chicken farms are doing - feed prices have gone up there, too, so I expect egg prices to start rising. (In other words - BUY CHICKENS. NOW. You'll be glad you did next year!)

Gotta go rustle up lunch - the pool is calling.