July 8th, 2011

Calvin: Faces

Stupid dog....

no, NOT Snips - it's Kenzie. Damn German Shepherd has NO brain, and no sign of growing one. Every time we go out - EVERY time - she tears something up, usually MY yarn. We've been locking them outside (WITH water - they have shade under the patio cover and the swingset fort)....but Bree is a delicate Southern flower :snerk: and bashes her way inside. (Or...we think it's Bree. Might be Kenzie.)

Today? Today we ran to coworker's house to pick up some work. We were gone MAYBE 2 hours. What did I find? ALL my cashmere scattered ALL OVER the living room, the kindling chewed up and scattered amongst the fiber, and ALL of my brand-new glue sticks (I had just bought a 12-pack....yeah. ALL of them) with the lids off and glue chewed. :grrrrrrrr:

Bree is starting to grow a brain, and she's NEVER gotten into the cashmere or glue. Snips has finally installed hers, and doesn't do ANYTHING destructive (and...I probably just Murphy'd myself, didn't I?) Bailey's never had a brain, but doesn't do destruction - he'd rather lounge around on the floor and sleep. Kenzie....has no brain. None. I've CAUGHT her destroying stuff - but we're back in the "She's so cute! She'll outgrow it" stage. :bashes head:


For some reason I've been in a CLEANING mode. (I'll pause while those that know me IRL pick themselves off of the floor. I know, right?) I mean, my house isn't a candidate for the Health dept, but clutter and dust just don't bother me. Normally. Lately? Well, this week we tackled the kitchen. (Back in June I offered the kids a deal - help me clean 1 hour/day, and at the end of the month they'd have earned $20 each. That's $1/hour - I can't afford more than that right now - but the money is theirs to do with what they want. They jumped on it). I scrubbed my cabinets, I scrubbed the *walls* (I....never scrub the walls; when they get too bad I grab a paintbrush); the kids did the "basic" stuff - rearranging, cleaning, mopping. The result? A SPOTLESS kitchen. Today we'll tackle the living room (yeah.....Kenzie didn't help there!). It's almost a compulsion - not quite as bad as when I wanted chickens (that was all Doom and Death and Destruction if I didn't get chickens Right Now-ish; this is just *CLEANCLEANCLEAN*) Not sure what's up with this, but.......yeah.

Gotta hit the pool, then it's time to scrub the living room. The door's looking a bit peaky and needs some attention.......:help me: