July 11th, 2011

Calvin: Toilet

Weekend's over....

Let's see.....got our last goat(s) yesterday. If you've been around a while, you'll remember that we traded my horse trailer for 5 goats (3 cashmere/2 Nubians). The last Nubian was being kept at the breeders until she freshened; she did about a month ago. (Our breeder is SWAMPED. 70 sheep/goats....2 horses, and just her at home. His hours (he has a job! :huzzah!:) are weird, so the bulk of the critter care has fallen on her.) She left the TRIPLET bucklings on Risky and hasn't milked anybody.

Anyway, they delivered her and a cute buckling (no relation) yesterday. Last year, Risky was a gallon-a-day'er; this year we have no clue as she was dam-raising. I have NO problem with dam-raising...only it's made a problem for *us*. A) Risky's been yanked from her kids B) brought someplace totally strange and C) has 2 strangers getting friendly with her udder. She's NOT a happy camper.....and she kicks. Hard.

I think she broke my right pinky last night. I tried to hand-milk her; she's been hand-milked the last 3 years. I knew it'd be a bit of a problem (see A/B/C)...but MAN. Ended up, SG had to shove her against the wall, I had to hold her left rear up while Himself slapped the inflations on - and held them. There was NO WAY we were gonna get anywhere by hand......so we HAD to use the machine.

This AM wasn't....quite as bad. It only took 2 people. :rolls eyes: Thankfully SG was off today - I had a dental appointment (don't ask. Seems that the dentist I went to last year (Monarch Dental - AVOID THEM!!!) *started* a root canal - AGAINST MY SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS - and slapped a temporary filling over it. Yes, it's been almost a year. :shrug: I had no pain until 2 weeks ago....anyway, seems that the nerve is GONE, the root on one side is gone, the other side has a minor infection..I go back next Thursday for this guy to finish the root canal (which I DID NOT WANT..but have to if I want to keep my tooth), then go back AGAIN for a new crown. :sigh: Monarch told me I had to have the tooth pulled and an implant put in - to the tune of OVER $6K....no. Nonononononononononononononononononononononono. At least this explains the 2 weeks of pain I had after the visit to Monarch - this dentist was appalled.)

Oh, and the buckling? Is GORGEOUS. Black with chestnut points......beautiful conformation, and excellent bloodlines. I'll be paying for him forever, but he's...well, he's what we need to outcross to.

I'll try to get photos - but my finger's kinda sore. :rolls eye: