July 12th, 2011

pets: Jayne in hat

Beautiful morning!

Sun shining, 80* at 6:15, light breeze.....ah, the joys of summer. :grumble80*grumble:

Risky was a perfect ANGEL this morning - I think she doesn't like SG. :lol: Himself and I went out to milk, armed for battle. We decided on a plan - milk Annie and Zorra first, then Inara and Risky, and Rosa last (her milk is salty, which means mastitis....I can't send in samples until I go to work Monday, because our stupid PO won't ship Overnight to the Lab. :sigh: And we have NO UPS/FedEx depot out here. :bigger sigh: No milk for us from her until I get her treated). Annie and Zorra are angels; I went in and grabbed Inara and Risky just followed right along. I had to coax her on the stand, but :bam: - she found the food and decided I was OK.

No fighting when I wiped her, no fighting when I stripped her (in fact, I almost went ahead and hand-milked her, she was being so cooperative!), and NO fighting when I popped the inflations on. :huzzah!:

We got 3/4 gallon from those 4, and 1/2 gallon from Rosa (it goes to the kids; yes, I KNOW some people won't feed it, but....I don't have much of a choice, not if *we* want milk. Once the kids are weaned, IF we haven't got Rosa treated, I'll have to soap it - but for now, this is the best I can do. The doelings will all get Lysign shots this fall, to try and head off any mastitis there.....:sigh:)

Wee Mal (our new buckling) is starting to settle in. He won't use the lamb bar, but he chowed down on the feed this AM.

I have a conference call for work at 10..other than that, we're done for the day. Need to put in our hour cleaning - I think the music room is up next. Then the weaving room - THAT one's gonna be bad. Too much stuff in too small a space....:sigh: