July 13th, 2011

Calvin: Toilet


Risky was a brat this AM - I think it's because Himself wanted to help. :sigh: It was another rodeo in there!

I'm trying to find a downloadable Homeschool Planner for my Mac. I can find a TON of online ones...but I don't want to be tied to the 'net. I want one ON my Mac....the only one I could find is $43; the demo...well, I'm not impressed. It'll keep grades...IF we do Homework, Quizzes, or Tests (we just do tests - there's no homework since they have to finish it before they're done.) There's no way I can see to print out lesson plans for each kid - you can set up your day, you can go in and do a lesson plan...but it WILL NOT PRINT. :bangs head: It also won't do a transcript; since Herself will be starting HS..I kinda need that.

Guess I'll just have to keep doing it by hand, and maybe set up an Excel spreadsheet to keep grades set up and averaged. I just wanted something already done, so I didn't have to reinvent the wheel. :sigh:

The "good" news is that I have our weekly schedule blocked out for the "new" year. We've added a few things; moved others around. The current plan is:

Monday: Music Lessons, History, Grammar, Math
Tuesday: Art Appreciation, Hebrew, Science
Wednesday: Music Appreciation, Writing/Composition, History, Math
Thursday: Art, Latin, Science
Friday: Penmanship/Copywork, History, Math - tests every other week

I've got music practice set up for every day, as well as Bible Study and PE. According to the planner, IF everything's 1 hour, we'll start at 8 and finish by 3. The problem? We don't do things by the clock, we do it by the assignment. For example, some days, History will take 30 minutes, others it'll take 1 hour. :sigh: I'd love to find something that lets me just list the classes without setting a time (I tried with this one; if I put in 30 minutes the next class printed out on top of the earlier one. Total mess!) We also don't necessarily do things in the same order each week.....I don't care, as long as everything gets done I'm cool with it. (That...might be a problem with Herself...we'll have to see how it goes. She's not big on NOT having a routine. :lol:)

You'll notice we added Art and Music Appreciation, and Latin. For Latin, I found a copy of "Getting Started with Latin", which just a beginning course, but it was cheap and a good place to start. The author's website has a bunch of mp3 files to download that match up with the chapters; Latin will be good for them vocabulary-wise. (And it was Sweet Geek's idea; I was DONE buying books! I mentioned something about Latin, and he jumped up and ran with it. :sigh:) Art Appreciation will use "The Annotated Mona Lisa", which is used in quite a few colleges, and Music Appreciation will use "A Young Person's Guide to Music", which includes a CD. We'll see how it goes - our "start" date is Aug. 1.

At some point, I need to add in a Weather class. I have the stuff, I just need to organize it and *do* it.