July 14th, 2011

Firefly: OMG Yeah!

Hey, Guys!!!!!

Guess what??? Torah class is coming out with some ebooks - 1 of which is for HOMESCHOOLERS!!!!! From what I read, it's going to be "Torah Class Lite"; same study as the original, but aimed at KIDS!!!! I am psyched - don't care what SG says, I WILL be buying a copy!!! Link here

It's due out "Summer 2011"...well, that's now. :bounce: No mention of price.....but the other stuff they offer isn't outrageous, so it should be affordable. The Homeschool set includes the textbook, teacher's manual, and tests/chapter reviews/study questions. The age range is 11 - 18 - but I bet it'll work for younger students as well.

I've been looking for something like this! Right now, I've got Bible Reading scheduled....but, you know - my kids *know* what it says, we do audio readings every Sabbath, and have for 3 years now. I want them to KNOW what it means.....but they're not ready for the "real" Torah Class yet - I tried. :lol:

The kids go to Granny's this weekend for 2 weeks - they are beyond excited. I'm glad I scheduled a day off tomorrow - there's NO WAY they would be able to sit still and *do* anything. This means I'll be putting in at least 2 days at work next week....:sigh:

Oh - and SG looked around last night for a Mac-based planner for me. We decided to get Homeschool Tracker (windoze based) and run it using Wine. NO VM, no partitioning my hard drive, NO Windoze on my beloved Mac! He said he'd take care of the install - you have to install Wine, then download HST, then do something to....the "command line?" in Wine - I have no clue. Wine is shareware that basically translates microsnot stuff into OS X. Or something. I'm excited - HST does everything I want, including making transcripts. (Should we be here in 4 years - Herself is starting 9th grade. While I'm not sure she's college-bound, I need to be prepared for that. Should we be here in...6 years, or so, Himself will (probably) be ready for college. :eek:) (Yes, I'm watching....but I also need to make sure my kids are prepared for adult-hood should the Lord tarry longer. I've seen some people (here, IRL) that aren't even doing the basics, because after all, He'll be back Soon, so why bother? I....can't think like that.) HST is kinda pricey - $50 - but you get free upgrades for life, and you can install it on every computer in your home. It has a lot of features *I* won't use - TX is VERY homeschool friendly - but you know, that could change. We don't have to track hours, or list curriculum, or report *anything*...but you never know what the next legislative session will do. :sigh: This way, I'll be prepared for the worst.

Risky was a brat yesterday AM - because Himself tried to help. Last night, I did her alone, and she was perfect. This AM was the same - she just doesn't like male humans! :shakes head: I think eventually we'll break her of that - if needed, I'll have one of the guys help her delivery next year.

Oh! And Himself is HAPPILY writing a paper for me. OK, so it's on all the silly stuff in Portal 1 (video game) but - HE suggested it, HE didn't balk when I said "Fine - *2* paragraphs, 5 sentence minimum in each one!". He ended up doing an outline (!!!) almost perfectly (and...he's never done outlining before; I figure he's seen enough of my outlines that he figured it out himself) AND the whole thing makes sense. :boggle: We need to work on spelling, but hey - he WROTE something without arguing!!!!! :happy dance:

Gotta do some work....later!