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July 15th, 2011


It's Friday... 11:29 am
and school officially ended yesterday. We start back Aug 1...and I have a TON of stuff to do to get ready for it. :sigh: I thought I was *SO* organized....HA!

I have a checklist.....:blech: and :lol:

I have the basic plan hammered out, I just need to organize everything, set up the lesson/assignment plans....I am really lusting after Homeschool Tracker. SG owes me $75....maybe we can buy HST and get it installed in the next week so I can start using it. :sigh:

The kids go to Granny's tomorrow - and are running wild today. It'll give me a nice 2 week break...but oi!

Anna, that's an interesting graph......I need to think about it. Something there caught my attention, but I'm not sure what it is. :lol:

Got 5 more checks to code for work....:blech:
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2 in 1 day...aren't you lucky? 03:17 pm
This is homeschool blather, and it'll probably get long. I'll put it behind the cut so you can skip it if you're not interested (but I am soliciting math advice, if anyone wants to offer any!)

I have smart kids. Why is math so hard for 1 of them?Collapse )
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