July 17th, 2011

me: portrait

Well OK then....

Let's see...kids are at the grands for 2 weeks. :huzzah: We also dropped off the stained glass door panel for Papaw to try and fix....I miss my door! All that's there is the clear Lexan panel (bullet- and dog-proof!)...and I don't like it. It's too...open. :sigh: I suspect that he won't charge Herself anything to fix it..which wasn't the point, but I have no say over the matter. I withheld her county fair money to pay for this; Granny has it now. *She* can dole it out as she sees fit!

SG wanted to play poker, so that happened after we dropped them off. (He didn't get into the big tournament, but he didn't lose any money - we walked out with the same amount we walked in with, so that's good!)

We had a *long* talk on the 2 hour trip home about the whole school thing.

Ali - I don't think it's stress. It *might* be, so I'm going to try to back off (although....I'm not sure *how*. Still, I'll try!)

SG thinks it's the fact that she can't take me out of the "Mom" compartment and put me in the "Teacher" compartment. I'm Mom, and I won't fail her, because Mom's want their kids to do well and love them and...blah. I thought about it....I think he's right. At least in part.

We brainstormed.....what I am going to try is a "Teacher hat". Yes, it's silly...but it's all I can think of. I have a really pretty covering I got when we were still going to church - it's a Snood made by a Jewish lady on eBay. It's pretty, but I don't wear it anywhere anymore. I think it'll be my "uniform" - when it's on, I'm not Mom, I'm the Teacher. It'll take time to get her to "see" that...but maybe it'll help?

We're also going to make "slates" - plywood with chalkboard paint - for the 3 of us. Mine will be bigger; I'll use it to work the examples; theirs will be used to "show their work". She's all over the paper with her scribbles, to the point that I can't read the answers, so maybe *that* will help, too. I just...I dunno.

I've been trying to download Homeschool Tracker Basic for over 12 hours now. Wait - it's downloaded; SG downloaded Wine and installed it, and we downloaded Basic and installed *it*. Wine can SEE it, but can't open it, because SG didn't feel like following the step-by-step instructions I printed (the one that said "this is easy, but you can't get there from here without doing this, that, and the other FIRST. He skipped this and that. :bangs head:) It took all night to download MacPorts ($4.99 from the APP store); it's been installing for the past hour. I still need to download the Java development package (I think)....I'm going to try to run Basic first, though. :sigh: I want to make sure Basic will run before shelling out the $$ for Plus.

I could always just install it on SG's iMac - he's got VM Ware already installed. I do NOT want any sort of Windoz on my beloved MacBook Pro...so if this doesn't work, I'll try his. :sigh: All this for a stupid planner package.......:rolls eyes:

Oh! We stopped at Half Price yesterday (y'all know about my book addiction)....I scored Wheelock's Latin and 2 "Lingua Angelica" books - the student and the teacher's edition of Vol. 1. I.....should have looked at those; they're based on Catholic church litergy. :sigh: Anybody want 'em? I spent $12 on the 2 of 'em and would be happy to send them off; if you feel like you need to pay, send me some colored pencils or something. (Seriously -we go thru those and glue sticks like they were candy!)

STILL haven't gotten all the checks coded; we're spending the morning at SG's work (server issues). I have 2 checks left....and goats to milk. Better get cracking! I'd like to have my day "free".....to play with Basic, maybe? :grin: