July 20th, 2011

Calvin: Faces

Miss me?

Probably not.....ah, well. :lol: 2 days in the office really screw up my routine! However, it wasn't too bad - because *I* was in, the boss wasn't. (Yes, you read that right. Not that it was *said*, but..it was obvious. :hee:)

Let's recap: Sunday we went to SG's office to reboot servers. Afterward, we stopped at B&N - my Nook was acting up. Let me state this for the record: B&N's Nook Customer Service ROCKS. I went in and waited (patiently!) at the Nook counter while the sales lady worked with an elderly lady, helping her make a decision. While the lady was looking over the new B&W Nook, she asked me what I needed - I told her I thought I broke my Nook; she immediately called for a "Specialist". :snicker:

We went back to the "help" counter...the guy could NOT have been nicer. He asked me what was going on (the "reader" bar at the bottom pops up and down and up and down sometimes, making it impossible to read the last 6 sentences on a page; it sometimes loses track of where I am in a book and will wake up back on the cover, meaning I have to hunt (I had sticky notes ALL over my cover with page #'s scribbled down)...I read anywhere from 3 - 5 books at a time, so it was kinda messy); the last thing it did was decide to start highlighting random words, and locking up so I couldn't UN-highlight them). He went "Hmmm. That's annoying. Hold on, let me go to the back and grab you a new one."

I'm all happy - this Nook works! (And...I think my first one was a lemon; when you changed pages on it, it "jumped" to the new page. This one "slides", kinda like the page is actually turning. No biggie, but makes me wonder.)

On the way home, we ran by Home Depot - I now have a can of primer and a can of Chalkboard paint. We priced the laminate sheets (to make white boards!) - at $13 for a 4'x8' it's cheaper than the paint...but we don't NEED that many white boards. We're going to end up with 3 chalkboards - 1 large one for me (about 2'x2', I think) and 2 smaller ones (little larger than a standard sheet of paper) for the kids to do the actual work on. I'm tired of trying to decipher a page full of numbers to find the answers. :lol:

We spent the rest of Sunday trying to get Homeschool Tracker to work. :sigh: My Mac says I need "XCode"...I paid for the damn thing, and have been trying to install it since Sunday morning. I started it again last night at 8 PM...it's STILL installing now. :bangs head: We got HST to install on SG's iMac - he has VM Fusion on it - but. Damn windoz can't find the printer. :pulls hair: The program is great, but printing is kinda the whole point!!!!!

So. We pulled out the only windoz machine we still own - my Dell laptop. It installed no problem (of course!) - but, again....no printer. (This is why we switched the kids to the mini-Mac; our printer is networked thru the Apple Time Capsule. Even though MS and Apple both claim that you CAN network a windoz machine with Macs via the Time Capsule, we've NEVER been able to get it to work. I can't remember if we ever got it to print before...but it looks like we're going to have to go with the Dell if I want to use HST. Which I do, because it does EVERYTHING I want/need!)


So. Head-coverings. I pulled out my lovely snood Sunday evening - it's too nice for a school hat. Plus...I've worn it before, so it might not work in Herself's mind. This morning, I went to my quilting stash (hush. I tried quilting - it's all right. It's something *I* can sew, because your seams can be messy and no one will notice!) and started rummaging. I found the *perfect* fabric - it's teddy bear pilgrims. :snicker: Pumpkins and corn and teddy bears......cute, not too cutesy, and I had JUST enough to cut out the snood. I had some nice white backing cotton that I cut the edging/ties out of (basically, it's just a LONG strip that goes over the "headband" part, then hangs down. To wear, you tuck all your hair in the snood, cross the strip at the nape of your neck, then tie it over the snood. You end up with a...let me try to describe it. The snood is a tube of fabric, open at one end, shirred closed at the other. Your hair goes in the closed part (duh!); the open part fits over the top of your head. When you tie the ties, you end up with a pretty headband on top of your head, a bow at the back of head (where a low ponytail would be, and a pretty fabric pouch that is holding all your hair. Clear as mud?)

I turned my pretty one inside out....it's pretty easy to deconstruct. From what I can tell, it only takes *about* a quilter's fat quarter to make, plus the tie (about...1 yard of 1" trim, say), and a bit of skinny elastic (to shirr it). I have 3 cut out (what, I'm going to drag out the sewing machine for just 1? Not even!) so far - I want to find some blue chambray for 1 more. (The other 2 are whimsical sheep prints - 1 is red with knitting sheepies, the other is blue/gray with flying sheepies. :snicker: These'll be for around the house wear - I'll never have another bad hair day! :huzzah:) The chambray one will be for shopping trips/etc on those days I just can't be bothered to do my hair (it's normally up in a bun. That gets old. So does braids. The snoods will give me another option.)

I do have a serger...but it intimidates me. I'll be zig-zagging all my seams (IF I can get my machine working...sewing machines and I do NOT get along. I've killed 4 or 5 machines in my life - my current one is a 1950's era White. Solid metal, built like a tank. SO FAR, we've gotten along.....we'll see. ), or that's the plan. I may end up hand-sewing these...in which case I'll french-seam them. :sigh: Lots of work, but what else do I have planned?

Oh, yeah - lesson plans for next year. Already almost done - I did Art Appreciation and Music Appreciation this morning. Need to plan Music Theory (for AFTER MA), but that won't take long. Homeschool Freebies offered a complete Music Theory course last week (which I grabbed) - it's only 19 chapters long. 1 chapter per week...that should push us to the full 36 weeks of the school year. Need to plan Latin, too - but again, that won't be hard. 1 chapter per week.....not too hard to plan. (If I could get HST to work, it'd be even easier - you tell it you want THIS book, chapter per week, days per week, and it'll break it out for you. :sigh: We're working on it!)

Anyway, I think we're caught up now. Maybe......