July 21st, 2011

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Blather and Pictures

Yesterday was spent putzing around on my MacBook. I must announce that I was SUCCESSFUL - yes, Homeschool Tracker Basic is ON MY MAC, and IT RUNS, and *I* did it. How? Simple - *I* followed directions. :nods: I love my husband, he's in IT and very good at what he does - on Windoz - but, like most men, he doesn't like to ask for or follow directions. :snerk:

Me? I had printed out 14 pages of directions I found online (titled, appropriately enough, "How to run Homeschool Tracker on Mac using Wine" :lol:), and handed them to him. Yesterday, I pulled them off of his desk (where he tossed them) and slowly worked my way thru them.

It took about 4 hours all total (all day for me, because I had to restart one of the processes. Norton didn't like it - the Firewall wouldn't let it get something it needed online). Still, I perservered and voila! I can use Basic!

Granted, it won't print :sigh:, but I am working on that. I may even download the $5 trial of Plus and see if that fixes the problem.....AFTER my dentist visit. :eek:

While the Mac was chugging along, I hauled my sewing machine out and got to work. I now have 3 new snoods - and (kinda crappy) photos. Hearth - these are for you!:

Collapse )

So. The plans for the day are: Milk. Go to dentist. Come home to nurse my tooth. I'm going to try to download the trial version of Plus..but we'll see. I'm still forging ahead with planning - I'm getting stuff ready as though HST won't install....just in case.

Oh! Homeschool Freebie of the day offered 2 spelling books this week, and both were still available this AM. The one from Tuesday is for primary - 8th grade (and it's kinda wimpy); yesterday's is pretty good and for High School.