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July 25th, 2011


Waiting.... 04:33 pm
for an adjustor to call. :sigh: The claims agent was nice, but kinda in shock about things - I guess pools aren't supposed to explode! (And, welcome to the country - she was more concerned about damage to the Kubota than she was about the pool going *boom* :lol:)

I spent about 45 minutes this AM getting lesson plans set up thru Rosh Hashana. Everything - EVERYTHING - except math is input and ready to print. I can't do math, because I don't know how Herself will do. :sigh: Still - I am *ready* to begin on Monday!

Got the school wall quilt *done*. It looks OK - it'll work. The Sabbath quilt top is finished, I have it pinned to the batting and backing, and just need to start. I sliced my finger with the rotary cutter, though, so hand-sewing is problematical. We'll see when I start....

Had 'net problems all off and on all day. Fun times.....

Gotta go milk!
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