July 28th, 2011

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While LJ is up (for a change!)

Made it to the Post Office today - WITH filled envelopes, thankyouverymuch! :grin: I *swear* I am going to set me up a weekly schedule that has at least *1* trip to the PO on it, to make sure I actually GET to the PO weekly. :sigh:

Finished the school supply shopping. Thrall-mart already has all their items marked down, so I went ahead and had fun. Yes, I could have waited and gotten it all tax-free next month...but I'd'a been fighting everybody else in this area that were looking for bargains. I was all by myself in the school supply section, so it was nice. :nods:

The Sabbath wall hanging is 85% done. I caved and bought some binding yesterday (I was going to make my own...but I am SO DONE with this. The quilting urge is almost gone....:heh: It'll be back later - I have placemats to make - but that's OK)

Ran to the thrift store today - glad I followed the urge! Found the PERFECT tablecloth for Sabbath for *$6*. Lovely damask in a soft French Blue - and it fits my table! :happy dance:

House is clean, I managed to make 1 batch of whey soap yesterday ( "Darlin' Clementine" is the scent - it's Orange. The soap is natural with orange swirls - and smells yummy!). All the school supplies are put away, and the school shelves are all neat and tidy. That'll last about...oh, 5 minutes come Monday, but for now it looks nice.

Need to set up a Daily Schedule - I think it'll help Herself. I think the problems we've been having stem from the *lack* of set routine (and I KNOW better, I really do!) - we'd sit down to start and I'd let them decide what subject to do when. Herself doesn't work that way.....so, I'll set up something to give her a solid routine to hang on to.

Oh - found a writing program to help Himself with essays/paragraphs. It's called "The Five Finger Paragraph", and it looks good. We'll see how it goes.....he needs to work on his writing. He HATES it...but it's something that he's got to do. :sigh: