August 2nd, 2011

Disney: L&S Stitch bonking head

It's hot hot hot...

We're on day 32 of triple-digits, here. The record is 40...and it looks like we're gonna break that record (yeah. :sigh:) 106* right now - and that's NOT counting the "heat index", which simply adds heat points - in the SHADE. It's HOT.

Kids are settling into the routine. Wish the damn dogs were - we can't leave the house unless we lock them outside - we'll come home to a wrecked house. We left for 20 minutes today - came home to an eaten ink cartridge (BRAND new - they opened the box!), a pile of cotton warp yarn (pulled out of the weaving room), and Herself's DS case (pulled OFF the bench in MY bedroom. :grrrrrr:)

The adjustor came out today......I get the feeling the pool's a loss, but we might get lucky with the damage to the tractor and lawnmower. I would like to get enough to replace the damn pool.....:fingers crossed:

Gotta go rustle up lunch....