August 3rd, 2011

Dr. Horrible: Not a Good Sound

Have I mentioned it's HOT here?

We BROKE the record yesterday - it hit 110*. It's only done that 12 times since TX started keeping records...and it's gonna hit that again TODAY. :sigh:

We lost 5 hens yesterday to the heat - I was a good Mom and kept my mouth shut. See, Herself HAD given them water...but forgot to remove the cap. water could flow into the dish. IF she had gone out at 11, when I TOLD her to, we might not have lost 5. (No, I didn't say that. I just told her I was sorry.)

The long-term forecasts have us breaking the 1980 stuff. I long for cold......

That's where we are at the moment. Melting. (It takes a little over 2 minutes for a frozen popsicle to completely melt away outside right now.)