August 10th, 2011

Calvin: Toilet

7 years, I've never had an insurance claim...

now I have *2* in a 2 week period. :sigh:

OK. You know about the pool. You know about my mailbox last week. What you don't know about is my front gate. Last night, it was pristine - SG needed to hook up the automatic opener, but that's a minor thing. We had it latched closed (with a bungee cord - yeah, we're High Class here!), and every thing was hunky-dory.

At 11-ish last night, the dogs went bonkers. We didn't get up to check - they go bonkers over stupid stuff - and that was a mistake. See, someone deliberately drove THRU our gate - the gate is toast. Amazingly, the bungee is FINE - this wasn't someone "missing" the turn; this was someone wanting to get back at us for some reason.

We filed a report, and I'll be calling it in to the Insurance as soon as SG calls me with the report number. The officer agreed that it wasn't an accident, and he went down the street to see if he could find the vehicle that did it. :sigh:

7 years in this house, with no problems. Now? I've got morons taking out my mailbox AND my gate....for no reason.

In other news, the placemats are done, quilted, and ready for the binding. I think I'm turning into Holly Homemaker here - yesterday I washed ALL our table linens. Today I'll be ironing them...I don't know WHAT'S going on. I am SO not house-proud....this is odd. VERY odd. :looks about:

Gotta go wrangle some kids into the school area.......what a way to start the day! :sigh: